The Importance Of Selecting The Right School Shoe!

Why is it important to find the right kids’ school shoes?


  • Selecting the right size is imperative for getting the best comfort!



Sending students to class in tight kids’ school shoes is going to give aches and pains, which stem from their cramped toes. Oversized styles don’t do your children any favours either. Often the excessive open space makes children trip over their own feet, while constant slipping from loose fit causes blisters on their back heels. As such, we can’t overstate the importance of getting kids’ school shoes in the right size. Since our New Zealand customers can’t visit any physical Spendless stores, we offer our handy online Size Guide for reference. It’s incredibly easy to use, so if you’re unsure about what size to get, and then consult the charts before you buy your kids’ school shoes! 


  • Getting the proper fastening type will keep your kids’ school shoes secure and cosy!



The best fastenings are essential for regular kids’ school shoes and sporty designs like sneakers and trainers. Laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps can all adjust for a better fit, but the style you choose for your children will depend on the amount of versatility they need. 

Age is an important aspect to keep in mind when you look at fastening styles for kids’ school shoes. For instance, touch-fastening designs are the best for younger children, and lace-up styles are ideal for preteens and young adults. But, did you know that buckled kids’ school shoes (like our Mary-Jane styles) are an excellent match for students of all ages? And, since we know these trendy sandals are a popular pick with girls, that Spendless provides versions for younger and older students? Stop and think about which of these styles of kids’ school shoes would be ideal for your child. 


  • You need to know whether or not your child’s footwear has a strict dress code to follow!



When you shop for active kids’ school shoes at Spendless, you’re spoiled for choice. Our sneakers and trainers are supportive, comfortable, and come with built-in features that offer extra cushioning and absorb shock during fast-paced activities. As such, you can expect all of our kids’ school shoes to take good care of students while they run, race, play, and have fun! 

However, we know that some of our styles won’t adhere to particular dress codes. If your children are allowed colourful kids’ school shoes for PE classes, then they have our pick of the lot. Thankfully, our all-white and all-black sneakers can satisfy stringent uniform regulations. Make sure you check which category your kids’ school shoes fall into before you go shopping! 


  • Your children are going to spend a lot of time in the pair you pick!



Before you start adding kids school shoes to your shopping cart this season, stop and see what your children think of their new pair. After all, the set that you get for them is going to be their go-to pair for five days a week until they’re either worn out or outgrown. If students don’t like their kids’ school shoes, they’ll be less inclined to take care of them and not get any joy out of wearing them. The last thing you want is to get a style that makes your child unhappy. So, get students to look at kids’ school shoes too! Once you’ve had a browse of our shoe collection online and narrowed down your options to two or three styles, include your child in the process. It only takes a minute to sit down and talk through the possibilities, and once a pair has your child’s tick of approval, you can order kids’ school shoes with confidence!

We hope that answers your question!