The Kids’ School Shoes That Can’t Be Beaten Are From Spendless

Finding the perfect kids’ school shoes is a task that parents must accomplish several times a year. With your child’s imminent growth spurt, expect them to need a new pair of footwear within a few weeks or months after purchase. 

But because several favourite fusion brands of school shoes are on the market, finding the unbeatable one has been a quest. 

You can stop your endless search now, our dear parents, because the answer to your problem is right here. The school shoes that other brands can’t beat are from Spendless New Zealand. 

The styles tick all your kid needs to get through the demands of their classes pain-free. Buy the best kid's school shoes that are comfortable and supportive—essential to your child’s developing feet. 

The wrong footwear will have repercussions that your child can take with them until adulthood. Avoid blisters and deformities by choosing kids’ school shoes from Spendless NZ. This is the brand that will work correctly with the school uniform.

The team from Spendless NZ is here to help you better grasp what the brand has to offer. Get to know the fastenings that make these school shoes unbeatable. 

Fastenings provide the support and comfort your kid needs. So if you’re ready, let’s start!


Spendless NZ understands the significance of having fastenings in school shoes, which makes its footwear unbeatable. This feature provides security and adjustability to remain comfortable. 

Fastenings ensure the school shoes won’t accidentally fly off their feet and cause them to slip or trip. Moreover, your kid should have control over the fit of their footwear so that they can loosen it when necessary.

Spendless NZ has three kinds of fastenings for its collection of school shoes—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces—each with pros and cons. 

When choosing the ideal pair, you must know your kid's skills, whether they can press straps together, lock pins, or tie laces. First, let’s look at each fastening. 

1. Touch-fastening Straps 

Early starters prefer school shoes with touch-fastening straps because they’re easy to lock by pressing two nylon strips together. One of the strips has hooks, while the other has loops. Pressing them together would secure the footwear within seconds.

However, prying the strips apart requires more force and creates a distinct sound. Kids’ schools’ shoes with touch-fastening straps are easy to use and adjust but have a couple of disadvantages.

  • Dust, dirt, and lint can easily attach to the straps, diminishing their adhesion. 

You need the straps to work at their maximum capacity to ensure the security of the school shoes. Thankfully, tweezers and duct tape can help remove the dirt from the strips.

  • The straps can attach to random items and destroy their material.
  • There’s a limit to the number of times your kid can open and close their touch-fastening straps. 

Once they reach the maximum, it’s time to replace the footwear. Since touch-fastening straps are part of the footwear, they become unsafe without adhesion.

  • The distinctive noise that the straps make can be irritating.

The Mary Janes and Double Straps are the Spendless NZ school shoes that use this fastening. Mary Janes are a famous style for young ladies, characterised by their open top and single band across the top of the foot. 

Meanwhile, double straps are unisex school shoes with two touch-fastening straps. The footwear covers the entire foot and is locked using this fastening.

2. Buckles

Buckles are fastenings that require more skill than pressing. First, your kid must know how to put the strap in and lock the pin on any hole in the strap. 

Kids’ school shoes using this fastening are ideal for children because they develop fine motor and problem-solving skills. In addition, buckles are difficult to unlock, so your child is safe from accidental removals. 

However, kids’ schools’ shoes with this fastening have some disadvantages.

  • The adjustability of the fastening has a limitation. There are only a specific number of holes to use, where one may be too loose and the other too tight. There is no middle ground in case the kids’ schools’ shoes need more adjustments.
  • The buckle can be difficult to open in an emergency. In addition, your kid may fumble on it while trying to remove the footwear.
  • Since the fastening depends on the footwear, you must replace the shoes if the buckle no longer works.

The Spendless NZ kids’ school shoes that use this fastening are the T-Bar, a style for girls like the Mary Janes, except for the T, where the straps form together on your child’s foot. 

Breathability is a chief characteristic of this footwear, with its open-top design and geometric laser cut-outs allowing air to circulate.

3. Laces

Of all three, laces require more advanced skill. To secure, your kid must know how to tie laces independently. 

It can be challenging at first but a rewarding experience after. Your kid will wear their lace-up school shoes as a badge of honour. 

Laces provide the most adjustability among the fastenings. The pattern in which your child puts the lace through the eyelets also helps with the fit. More importantly, this is the only fastening independent of the footwear. 

You can separate them for cleaning or replacement without changing the footwear. However, one disadvantage of using school shoes with laces is how they get undone independently, which your kid can trip on and cause an accident.

As mentioned, the lace-ups for boys and girls use laces. The older students proudly wear this style to prove their skills. Some sneakers are used for sports activities, and PE classes also use laces for fastening. 

Ideally, your kid must have two pairs of footwear—one for daily use and one for sports.

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