The Men’s Casual Shoes That Won’t Hurt Your Feet

Are you struggling to get out of your daggy old sneakers or casual boots? We get it, when you’ve found a winner the last thing you want to do is take them off, however, remember, there is a time and a place!

Finding the right mens new casual shoes that won't hurt your feet can be a tough gig, and that’s why we are here to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to finding the perfect pair of men’s casual shoes.

Read on as we take you through our range of mens shoes or casual boots that are great for guys to wear to almost any occasion!


Since your sneakers are one of your selected footwear favourites, let’s take a closer look at our range of these men’s casual shoes that we believe every guy should have in their wardrobe.

Nowadays, sneakers are being worn far more than to the gym only! Lately, selected styles of sneakers, lace up shoes, leather loafers, ankle boots, and other mens new arrivals seleceted footwear have crept their way from your gym bag and into your weekend wardrobe and since they’ve become a popular selected styles amongst guys, then why not give them a try?

There can be a lot of misconceptions around how to wear these wardrobe staples and we are here to show you exactly how. To be clear, there is a world of difference between well-kept leather laceup sneakers,  training shoes, slip on shoes, walking shoes, and leather casual shoes in comparison to your worn-out pair of converses that have seen better days!

A pair of sneakers with leather shoes soles is completely acceptable to wear on dates, weekends and even nights out, and we are going to show you exactly how to style these favourite mens new casual shoes design.

The beauty of these mens new arrivals casual shoes is their versatility; it will surprise you just how regularly you’ll find yourself wearing our sneakers.

You can find these stylish sneakers, leather loafers, lace up shoes and mens new arrivals casual boots other in a low line design and some popular colour options that you won't be able to say no to, like, white, navy and black.

These sneakers look great with your favourite weekend wear staples; wear these styles with cuffed skinny jeans, chino shorts or even slim-legged chinos. Don’t for a second think that these mens new arrivals casual shoes can’t be worn for special occasions either!

Our lace up shoes  and lace up boot  can be paired with a relaxed shirt and tapered cropped chinos, which will only sharpen the silhouette and show off those stylish kicks.

As we said, these versatile men’s casual shoes can be worn with anything in your wardrobe, so why not opt to wear these comfy numbers on nights out?


Loafers make great year-round men’s casual shoes; the versatile slip on shoes or lace up shoes mens footwear staples look fantastic whether dressed up or down.

Choose to wear these mens new arrivals casual shoes dressed up for special occasions or the office, woven lace and pair a woven suede look pair of loafers with your best-cuffed chinos, tuck in a smart shirt and throw a winter jacket over the top. Find these smart leather loafers in tan and black hues.

Or if you are looking for something more suitable for selected styles weekend wear, then opt for a pair of woven lace mens shoes   You won't be able to go past a smart pair of leather loafers or mens footwear for your next winery tour or Sunday picnic!

We think these styles look great when worn with chinos or chino shorts with a relaxed shirt. Your hardest decision will be finding the perfect colour to wear with your favourite weekend mens footwear pieces like mens socks or other mens accessories!

Our sleek, slim-lined loafers are the perfect year-round mens accessories; their woven textures are designed to keep your feet feeling dry and airy throughout the day in summer.

However, are still enclosed enough to keep your toes warm and dry throughout the wintery, wet months too. What makes leather loafers great is the fact that mens socks are optional, for additional warmth and comfort, you can still throw on a pair of invisible hidden mens socks!

Do yourself a favour and grab yourself a pair and take these men’s casual shoes from work to after-work drinks effortlessly.


You may think that casual boots should be saved for the winter months only, but that is hardly the case.

These versatile men’s casual shoes are a great mens footwear option throughout the summer months, a popular pick for special occasions and as well as office wear. So read on as we take you through some top picks in casual boots that you won't be taking off all year round!

Boots make great mens new arrivals casual shoes, throughout the summer seasons grab yourself a low-line ankle boots and opt for a brown or tan colour, something a little lighter for summer.

Whereas, for the cooler winter months you can have a little more fun with styles, opt for darker taller lace up shoes in moodier colours, like black.

These mens new arrivals casual shoes look great when worn dressed up for special occasions or work, team an ankle slip-on style with some slim-legged chinos, a sharp shirt and a blazer.

However, if you prefer, you can style these men’s casual shoes for the office or relaxed weekend wear too.

We suggest pairing a slip on shoes, ankle boots, cross training mens footwear or lace up shoes/ lace up boot  style with jeans, mens socks, a shirt with a extra wide sweater thrown on over the top and for extra warmth, finish this look off with a winter coat or bomber jacket.

The beauty of our lace up boot is the comfortability, the high profile styles feature padded ankle boots, which only add to the support and comfort.

The options for these mens shoes  and  casual boots are endless at Spendless, so come in-store and find your perfect fit right, product care, and right in time for Winter!

Whether you are looking for a smooth leather shoes casual boots or a soft suede-look, we have a range of casual boots or ankle boots  that will smoothly transition with anything in your wardrobe.

Have We Convinced You Yet?

With this kind of range in men’s casual shoes, you will have trouble picking only one selected styles! The beauty of our mens new arrivals mens footwear is their versatility; you’ll love finding occasions to wear these selected styles year-round.

Do yourself a favour, ditch the daggy worn-out sneakers and casual shoes and come into Spendless Shoes and find some new mens footwear favourites that won’t hurt your feet!