The New Way To Wear Sneakers This Season!

Are men’s sneakers on your shopping list this season?


Prepare yourself for the best looks around! Spendless Shoes brings the latest styles at prices you’re sure to appreciate. We have shoes to suit every guy and any occasion. So, what’s stopping you? Read on for all the latest information and a look at our designs!


Why do people want to wear men’s sneakers in the first place?


With an abundance of fashionable styles around, why are trainers tipping the charts? Firstly, there’s the comfort factor. Since men’s sneakers get designed for high-energy activities like sports and sprints, they incorporate a range of fantastic features for the wearer. Spongy soles can include impact cushioning and extra support keeps you going for longer. The superior tread on the base allows people to run, stop, and switch directions over any surface. The material of men’s sneakers is also tailor-made for air circulation, which should put a stop to skin irritation and smelly feet. All-in-all, it's no surprise that guys want to wear men’s sneakers more often!


The how-to for wearing active shoes on a day-to-day basis


If you want to wear your sportiest men’s sneakers, then the best thing to pair them with is your regular active gear. Grab some trendy brand-name gym clothes and you’re set to go! Whether you’re running errands, catching up with friends, or want to enjoy instant comfort, our men’s sneakers are the ideal choice. And, if you end up feeling motivated and want to go for a jog or head off to the gym, then you won’t have to get changed! 


Do you need something that you can wear whenever?


Regular fashion trainers and trendy joggers are a hit with jeans this season. With an influx of so-called “ugly” men’s sneakers paving the way, more guys are opting for their running shoes than ever. If you want to try your hand at this look, then grab men’s sneakers with a chunky base. We recommend sticking to retro-feel options (such as black and white) since this will make matching colours on your clothes easier as well.


Some other great men’s sneakers to try with your everyday clothes would be hi-tops. Spendless may have plenty of low-cut skater shoes, but we can’t deny that high-cut trainers are favourites. If you love laidback styles with that little something else, then these might be your prime match. Not only do hi-top men’s sneakers add some comfy padding around the ankles, but they look outstanding with skinny jeans too!


Are you looking for something you take out to a smart-casual event?


Spendless Shoes has something for you too! Men’s sneakers from our Sports Luxe collection are the most slim-lined and sleek of all. A glossy black pair of men’s sneakers may not reach the heights of polished dress shoes, but they’re essential for in-between events. A couple of trainers with a proper shirt and formal pants make fun but fashionable look at birthday parties, restaurant dates, work functions, and other occasions. We think this combination is marvellous because it lets you enjoy cosy men's sneakers and smooth styling in tandem. These men’s sneakers come in neutral and modern shades such as navy, grey, and brown. Plus, we love seeing these with a matching jacket or blazer to add the final touch.


Come and see the full collection today!


Spendless Shoes has an excellent range waiting for you, and we have men’s sneakers to satisfy. If you’re a New Zealand shopper and can’t come to see us at a local store, then our online store is the next best thing! Spendless on a fabulous new pair of men’s sneakers today.