The Only Dress Shoe Your Man Will Ever Need!

If you’re looking for dress shoes, then you’ve come to the right place!



Spendless has a spectacular selection of styles available for men of all tastes. Now, read on for more details!


Dress shoes have a timeless feel


The greatest asset of these formal styles is the fact that they can be worn again and again on different occasions. The classic and sophisticated feel of our dress shoes makes them perfect for use in any season and any black-tie event. While women rarely get to take the same pair out more than once, the flexibility and ease of wear of men’s styles make them accessible wherever and whenever they are needed. Not only that, but they match an array of attire as well. Because dress shoes are intrinsically classy, they can complement suits and chino pants or level-up jeans and the like.


You get great colour selections too


One of the hardest parts of picking dress shoes is settling on a colour that will look good with the rest of your outfit. However, the various shades at Spendless have got you covered. Black always tops the list of choices, as it looks sharp and goes with every imaginable hue. When in doubt, grab black dress shoes! Next, we have tan and brown styles. These are the ones to choose when you get tired of black, as they bring a modern, refreshing, and lighter feel to the fray. Finally, there are our navy styles. While the repertoire of blue dress shoes is slimmer than the previous two, we think they make an excellent option anytime.  


Spendless’s regular dress shoes are instantly iconic


Like the rest of our collection, these excellent designs come in a slip-on or laced option. Glossy dress shoes are quintessential for men’s formal wear. Whether you’re attending a wedding, funeral, work dinner, birthday party, or any other occasion, dress shoes from Spendless will see you through in style. With their polished and shiny surfaces, this classy footwear is a must-have for any man’s collection.


Lace-up designs are excellent if you want a changeable fit. You don’t need wide or narrow feet to appreciate the easy alteration; gentlemen with a long day or night ahead can safeguard their comfort experience.


Slip-on dress shoes have elastic gussets to aid with a fast transition on and off of feet. Also, their smooth and unbroken surfaces make for a fantastic look. If you like your dress shoes to be simple but classy, then these are a natural pick.


Our boots can take you out for the evening


If you’re the sort of person who never stops, then our elastic-panelled pull-on boots are ideal. Since they don’t come with fiddly fastenings or fixtures, dress shoes in this style are an excellent set for guys who are constantly on the move and in a hurry. You can slide in or slide out of our stretchy boots effortlessly, and enjoy the cosy fit in the meantime. The team at Spendless loves these best with a matching jacket and a button-down shirt.


Other casual-feeling boot styles that you might transform into dress shoes are our glossy lace-up designs. These usually come with zippers on the sides, but the laced uppers are functional and adjust for a tighter or looser fit. A pair of these dress shoes can make suit pants feel relaxed and jeans feel stylish. If you find yourself caught between a smart-casual or relaxed-formal occasion, then put these on your feet and do both!


Will you be grabbing a fresh set of dress shoes from Spendless?


Browse the rest of our range online, or visit us in store for the best customer experience around. If you want new dress shoes, it’s time to stop in at Spendless!