The Pair of Women's Casual Shoes Every Auckland Woman Needs!

Living with a capsule wardrobe is a challenge. It would be best to have pieces that match each other and work with several occasions and seasons, especially in New Zealand, where extreme weather conditions can be harsh. But if you're going to ask us, it's possible!

Every Auckland woman needs a pair of women's casual shoes to get through various occasions. You need its versatility if you're trying to keep things minimal and uncluttered. 

So which among Spendless New Zealand's collections of casual shoes can take you on busy errand weekends, vacation trips with so much walking, laidback Fridays at work, and through all seasons?

Please allow our team at Spendless NZ to reveal which pair of shoes it is. Here's a clue: It's one of the three sneaker categories! So the answer is sports luxe! 

When you look at the available collection, any pair would fit the ideal minimalistic lifestyle. We'll discuss why every woman in Auckland should have these shoes in her closet. 

And once they do, they can forget to shop for other styles and save money for other things. So read on and prepare to be convinced!

The Colours are Easy to Match

The sports luxe shoes are available in five colours that look amazing with most of your wardrobe collection. All are neutral and easy to wear, except pink.

White sneakers are a phenomenon across the globe. Most guys and ladies own one and speak highly of them. The white shoes at Spendless New Zealand all look clean and pristine. 

However, if you want a bit of spice for your everyday wear, we'd suggest a pair of white sports luxe sneakers with a cool animal print pattern. 

Whether you wear these shoes with a mini denim skirt and black shirt combo for brunch with friends or with an athleisure outfit while doing errands, you'll get the same glowing reaction from people.

If you're not a fan of white, you can opt for the black high-top sports luxe, which does not look like sneakers. You'll love these shoes because they look like boots but provide the comfort that sneakers can. And the best part about these sneakers is the built-in wedge heel.

These casual shoes can take you on luxury trips in another country, during the cold winter season in New Zealand, and when you need added height. With the smooth finish and modern look of these shoes, you can wear them to work too! 

Wear them with trousers and a cute blouse, and co-workers will approach you for a chat.

One more thing you'll love about these casual shoes is their closure. The zip and tassel on the sides will keep the footwear snug and secure on your feet. 

The zipper makes this footwear so easy to wear and remove, a feature you'll appreciate when you travel. Going through airport checks will be hassle-free! It is an all-in-one pair every practical woman in Auckland will love!

They are Comfortable to Wear

Comfort should always be a top priority, which you can get from any pair from Spendless New Zealand. Shoe choice can impact your entire body, even your health, not just your feet.

Pulling sneakers out of the closet has become an automatic response for ladies who want to wear something comfortable. With so much on their to-do list, they need footwear with no fuss. Sports luxe sneakers provide the comfort ladies need to start and end their day right.

Knowing New Zealand's extreme weather, it's possible that you can experience a change in temperature within the day. It can be bright and sunny when you leave and wet and gloomy when you come home. Imagine this scenario: 

You wake up, get dressed, wear comfortable shoes, and head out the door. Wearing a sports luxe pair prepares you for both scenarios. Your feet will remain fresh and dry as you go about your busy day.

You will enjoy walking around Auckland's beautiful spots wearing an all-white pair with a slim-lined shape and sporty tread. The treads will keep you steady as you rediscover sights you haven't visited in a while.

They Look Good Effortlessly

Ladies get impressed with shiny objects that look good without even trying. So why do you think brands put their best-looking products on display? They do it because they know it will grab your attention, hook you, and make you come inside.

Something about wearing stunning items turns a bad day around. Wearing these gorgeous women's shoes works the same way. Don't we all love getting compliments, even from people we don't know?

Even if you wear the most relaxed outfit combination you can find in your closet, this range of women's casual shoes can still elevate the look quickly. Sports luxe sneakers look amazing with denim shorts and a figure-hugging white shirt for weekend errands. 

You can swap the shorts for grey joggers, then put your hair in a messy bun for a straight-out-of-bed look.  

Wear playsuits and printed mini-dresses with these casual shoes for a feminine vibe. Throw in a denim jacket when the weather turns cold. Complete the look with big, chunky jewellery.

This perfect pair is also appropriate for date nights, such as watching movies or going to concerts. Look your best (and be ready for air conditioning) with ripped-cropped jeans and a black turtleneck sweater. 

Accessorise with the silver clutch available at Spendless New Zealand and wear it crossbody style.

Get Your Hands on This Incredible Footwear!

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Active New Zealand ladies must know that the Spendless New Zealand brand supports their lifestyle. So if you're one of them, head to the nearest retailer or the online store.

Take advantage of the flexible payment options that let you buy something now and pay for it later. (Note: take 10% off the price of your first purchase!) So now, bring your friends shopping so everyone can benefit from these fantastic casual shoes for women!