The Perfect Boots For The Stylish Wellington Woman!

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Winter is starting to creep up, and that means it’s the perfect time to think about women’s boots! Spendless Shoes has the trendiest looks and a gorgeous line-up waiting for you. Check out this quick snapshot of our popular picks and loveliest women’s boots!


If there’s a style of women’s boots that you should be adding onto your shelves, it’s waterproof ones.


As beautiful and scenic as New Zealand is, the winter weather can be fickle and change at the drop of a hat. We know that the Wellington ladies have to be prepared and equipped for any forecast, and that is why our rain-resilient women’s boots are must-have items! These fabulous pull-on styles will keep feet and legs warm when it’s windy, and dry during rain or hailstorms. Plus, our waterproof women’s boots are easy to clear or to store when they are not in use.


We have a mixture of plain and patterned styles in this range, so you have your choice of the best colours and prints for your personal aesthetic. Like our regular women’s boots, we’ve included trendy leopard prints into the equation too. The ladies of Wellington will enjoy functional features without having to compromise on their fashion tastes.


Biker and combat-style women’s boots are next on our list of most-desired shoes.


If the increasingly popular grunge trend is taking your fancy, then these will help bring a rebellious edge to your look. Our all-black women’s boots come with laced uppers and seriously robust tread, so you can adjust the fit to your fancy and deal with any terrain types. We adore the balance between the heavy-duty look and flexible material, and we know you will too!


At Spendless Shoes, our favourite clothing combinations with women’s boots from the combat and biker range are denim, jeans, frayed tees, and tomboy jackets. However, feel free to experiment and try these fantastic shoes with dresses or skirts. There are endlessly cool looks you can create by fusing ultra-feminine clothing with rough-and-tumble women’s boots. If you love getting outdoors during autumn and winter (or need a new pair to take out to parties, festivals, and other social events), then these will do beautifully.


Over-the-knee women’s boots are our pick for party wear in 2019.


These gorgeous shoes make an instant fashion statement because of the bold block-colour and their eye-catching ability. Ladies who want an extra lift with their thigh-highs can grab our blocked heeled version, but anyone who wants to integrate these tall women’s boots into their everyday collection should take home flats.


With their far-stretching fabric, over-the-knee styles provide the perfect excuse to ditch stockings or tights with your short clothing and swap a pair of women’s boots in instead.


What about slippers?


It’s easy to be stylish outside of house and home, but where are all the trendy indoor women’s boots? Hello, slippers! At Spendless Shoes, our collection of snuggly ugg-style shoes is the ideal pick for Wellington ladies during the colder months. With their cosy feel, fluffy fabrics, and sumptuous soles, our slippers will take care of your feet after an exhausting day. When you want to curl up on the couch (or keep your toes from freezing on floorboard and tiles), our comfy women’s boots and slippers will be the perfect companion.


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This list barely brushes the surface of our vast selection! Spendless Shoes has women’s boots from thigh-high to ankle-high and everything between. We have faux suede, microsuede, leather, synthetic leather, fur-lined materials. You can pick zip-up, lace-up, or elasticised pull-on designs for your women’s boots. Now, come and find your perfect pair!