The Perfect Boots For Those Cold New Zealand Winters!

The Best Boots for Winter


When the cold weather comes, keeping your toes warm and toasty becomes a priority, particularly in the chill of New Zealand. Today, we’re going to give you a run-down of our great zipped boots for the icy months and the advantages of different styles. If you want to ensure comfy feet this year, then read on!


Our top pick for versatility

Ankle-high zipped boots are an excellent choice if you want to wear the style all year long. Where longer zipped boots can get shoehorned into the autumn and winter months, short styles can go seamlessly into any season. As such, the majority of our selection are knee-high styles or lower.


The collection


At Spendless Shoes, we have zipped boots for customers of all ages. Kids will find these designs easy to do-up independently, and there’s no risk of little ones tripping over untied laces. For busy adults, zipped boots bring much-needed speed and convenience to an early-morning dressing or hectic day.


Shopping for kids? Do it better at Spendless!


Little boys will enjoy comfort all winter long with our zipped boots. Unlike their older counterparts, our zipped boots for boys are comfy casuals with padding and cushioning from the ankle cuff. If your kids tire easily during long days, zipped boots like these will be a dream come true.


Almost all of our girls’ styles are zipped boots of some kind, as the design allows for more décor. We have types with laser cut-outs, sparkling sequins, stitched butterflies, and so much more! Kids of all ages will adore our zipped boots, and we know that parents will appreciate the affordable prices.


Choices for men


Guys will love their choices. Pull-on designs are the most relaxed in the men’s collection, while our zipped boots will be perfect for anyone headed to a formal event, work function, party, or even the odd dinner date. These can be a fun replacement for regular dress shoes, and make a cool pairing with chinos and suit pants. At Spendless, we love seeing these shoes with a matching jacket or coat during winter.


Zipped boots get points for simplicity, and the minimal design creates an ultra-sleek profile where pull-on styles can seem clunky.


The looks for women


In the collection for ladies, our zipped boots truly shine! We have every height imaginable. And a mix of heel heights, finishes, and colours to peruse. Finding zipped boots that fit you fancy will be no stress with this much variety available.


Knee-highs are classic and will pair of easily with most of your cold-weather clothes. However, for a true style statement, we have to recommend thigh-highs. Zipped boots provide excellent warmth thanks to their soft faux suede material, so you can sneak some of your favourite dresses and skirts from summer in without needing to try stockings or tights underneath.


What about something different?


We can’t finish this piece off without mentioning waterproof styles, can we? They may not be zipped or laced, but rain boots are an ideal choice for tackling the New Zealand landscape. These pull-on shoes come in a variety of sizes and colours, so shopping for the whole family will be a breeze. If you have to brave the outdoors in foul weather or traipse over wet lawns and muddy ground, you’ll be glad to have a pair of wellies on your feet!


So, what will it be?


At Spendless Shoes, we have zipped boots for everyone. If you and your family need footwear that can tough it out during the season, then we have just the thing. Shop online today for a better look at our zipped boots and enjoy spending less!