The Perfect Boots For Wellington Winter!

Find the perfect women’s boots for your wardrobe this winter! Our New Zealand customers love the winter shoes in our collection, and we’ve got great options for ladies living in windy Wellington. Are you on the lookout for a classic pair of women’s boots to replace your worn-down favourites, or are you after a fresh and trendy new design? Whatever you’re shopping for, we’re sure that the impressive collection at Spendless Shoes will have you feeling spoiled for choice! Today, we’re going to go through four essential women’s boots that we think you should have in 2020. 


Go out with our robust combat and biker styles! 

These are a fun pick for ladies who love women’s boots with a bit of attitude. Since combat styles have thick soles and grooved grip on the base, you know that they’re good for a busy day up on your feet. When your weekend plans involve a lot of walking, standing, or dancing around, you’ll be glad to have such cosy women’s boots on your feet! Did we mention that these biker styles are as tough as they look too? The sturdy synthetic material on women’s boots in this design can handle wet and wild weather with ease. When you get invited to an outdoor venue during stormy weather, grab our combat shoes, and they’ll take good care of you! 


Dressed to impress? Take heeled styles out for a spin! 

Block-heeled shoes are perfect for Wellington! Because they have a broad base and prevent muscle strain, you’ll find wearing heeled women’s boots out for a day or night (or both) is no issue. Spendless Shoes has dozens of winter styles with block heels. You can find ankle-high, calf-high, and thigh-high women’s boots from our collection with platforms, so you’ve got your pick of the lot in terms of design. This season, we recommend pairing up your favourite formal outfits with our faux suede styles. Faux suede is one of the warmest and softest materials that we have at Spendless. As such, whether you go for ankle-high or over-the-knee women’s boots, you know that they’ll stop your skin from getting cold. The fluffy material also acts as a fun feature for your shoes. It can give any outfit a more fashionable feel. You won’t need to worry about being underdressed in your block-heeled women’s boots! 


Remember to update your rain-boots! 

Waterproof women’s boots are a must-have for ladies in Wellington. Sporadic winter weather can make gardening and doing jobs outside a wet and muddy affair. You can get these rain-resistant women’s boots as dirty as you like because a quick rinse (or wipe) will clean them up in seconds. Here at Spendless, we have a mix of classic black designs and ones with fun patterns, so you can grab whichever appeals to your most. And, with our pull-on women’s boots protecting your feet and legs from splash-back, you can deal with the worst of New Zealand’s weather. 


Finally, we recommend women’s boots for around the house!

If there’s one set of shoes that every Wellington woman should have in her wardrobe, it’s a pair of tall slippers. With their fluffy inner-lining, plush feel, and foot-soothing comfort, these women’s boots are irresistible! When you want to settle in for the night or keep your feet warm during frost days at home, slippers always work their magic. Not to mention, they’re a fitting match with your comfiest pyjamas and best-loved loungewear. 


We’ve got so many more for you to try!

Did one of these four women’s boots catch your eye? Get a better look at your options (and the other designs) online with Spendless Shoes. We know we’ve got great women’s boots for a Wellington woman!