The Perfect Casual Men’s Shoe For A Summer Spent In Queenstown

Our Casual Men's Shoes Are Perfect For Exploring 

So, you're headed off to Queenstown? At Spendless, we have the perfect casual men's shoes to toss into your suitcase! With a vast range of shoes to choose from, there is something for everyone in our collection.

While you're in Queenstown, there are all sorts of things to get up to in your casual men's shoes! As a popular holiday destination, there is no shortage of activities or locales you can explore and experience. So, be sure to pack the right pair of casual men's shoes for the trip!

Bungee-jumping, paragliding, and other shenanigans

If you plan on having a very active holiday, then the best casual men's shoes for you might be some sneakers or trainers! If adventure is the name of the game while you're in Queenstown, and you want to get out, get lost, and take each moment as it comes, then these casual men's shoes will give you the freedom to do it!

You can spend long hours in sneakers and other sporty casual men's shoes, as the lace-up designs allow you to adjust for comfort. The tread is sturdy and supportive so that you can be sure of every step.

Wine tasting tours

Did you know Queenstown has a handful of vineyards? Whether you're travelling in a group or going solo, wine tours are a lot of fun and a great way to relax. Make sure that you do your research ahead of time, however, so that you can select casual men's shoes that are up to the task.

Given the risk of stains from red wine, grapes, grass, and more, it is always a good practice to pass on your dressiest style. Plus, we love the comfort and look of casual men's shoes on wine tours.

Boots are a great choice, particularly the leather-look kind. These are versatile casual men's shoes that would suit a visit in any season, and provide protection for your feet in the meantime.

Otherwise, some more open styles could work well in the warm weather. Gladiator sandals or other sturdy-soled, airy, casual men's shoes can help dress down a suit jacket and chinos, for a confident semi-formal feel.

Adventure time

If you're heading up into the surrounding hills, or are out for a quick day hike just outside of Queenstown, then hiking boots are the way to go. While sneakers, trainers, and other casual men's shoes can tackle tough terrain, hiking boots are the best pick.

No one wants to cut their trip short due to sore feet, so it pays to check the fit of your hiking boots before you hit the trail. Use the same system you would use for casual men's shoes; be sure that your toes do not touch the top of your men's shoes as you walk. If they make contact, then they might be too small. After a long day of climbing and walking, the constant casual contact will lead to irritation and muscle strain.

Unlike our other casual men's shoes, which can be worn comfortably from the get-go, your feet need time to adjust to the shape of hiking boots. Wear them around the house to break them in, or switch out your regular casual men's shoes during the day and walk them around town.

Head to New Zealand in style

If you need casual men's shoes that can make the grade in Queenstown, then check out the range at Spendless! You can browse our styles online to get a look at the full range. We have sneakers, boots, trainers, sandals— all the casual men's shoes you could want!

Come shop at Spendless today, for a pair of casual men's shoes to wear in Queenstown!