The Perfect Casual Shoe for the Working Woman

A hardworking New Zealand woman deserves the perfect pair as she goes about another stressful day at the office. But, of course, you want to avoid pain and discomfort from ill-fitting footwear with everything going on.


As a busy working woman, you expect your footwear to suit all the events you have lined up for the day, from breakfast to meetings and even after-work functions. In addition, we're sure you want to avoid bringing extra footwear to change every time you move from one activity to the other.


Thankfully, you do not need to look far because Spendless New Zealand has a selection that ticks all the necessary boxes – comfortable, versatile, stylish, and affordable.


The advantage of casual shoes is that you can easily dress them up or down for the office. Like a chameleon, they blend in well at all the events you wear them to in a day.


Our team at Spendless New Zealand wants to improve your mood with any of our women's footwear, especially on days when you are at your worst, so you can still perform your best at work. That goal is achievable with a pair of our stylish footwear at your feet!


Comfort is a must!


Comfort is an essential characteristic of women's footwear from Spendless New Zealand. Having adequate support for your feet as you rush from one appointment to another.


Imagine being hunched and uncomfortable at your workplace for at least eight hours daily. Your health is valuable, so get a pair that will support you and make you comfy as you work! Your choice of footwear impacts your posture, which can develop back issues in the long run.


Spendless Shoes NZ has the ideal range of shoes similar to popular brands like Hush Puppies and Colorado, except for a very affordable price. They will keep your feet feeling like a dream. So whether you’re looking for flats, espadrilles, or sneakers, our collection has everything!


Versatility adds value!


A working woman values the money she earns from all the stressful, hard work she puts in daily. As such, you become a wise shopper and look for versatile shoes because it's like owning several pairs of footwear for the price of one. You get more than you paid for because you can wear them multiple times. From your work, you can head straight to your errands and dates with only one pair of women's casual shoes in tow.


Seek Stylish Women's Casual Shoes!


Impressions count a lot in the workplace. You want your co-workers to think you are professional and far from sloppy. It is where a pair of stylish women's shoes from Spendless New Zealand can help.


Wearing stylish footwear will command respect and subconsciously convey that they cannot mess with you. So why do you think ladies endure wearing high heels for long periods?


The answer is simple. Despite being painful and uncomfortable, high heels increase self-confidence and empowerment. Then, you will impress your colleagues with your impeccable taste! But you do not need to go through all that trouble because you can achieve the same with women's casual shoes.


If you’re looking for styles that will keep you on trend and make you feel like your working goddess, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our brand of women’s shoes and find fabulous summer styles! We have something for everyone, whether you’re after flats, sneakers, or sandals.


Here are the casual shoes for women that working ladies would be proud to take to the checkout!




Spendless NZ offers this style of barely-there shoes in thirteen eye-catching hues: white, black, blue, brown, gold, green, leopard, natural, orange, pink, red, tan, and vanilla. Select one (or two) that can take you comfortably wherever you go during the day!


After trying flats, some folks who typically wore heels to work viewed them as the ideal office shoe! Note that this footwear will keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, relieving tension in your calves and minimising stiffness and soreness.


Ballet flats are renowned for their flexibility, lightweight, and breathability. These look their finest for work when paired with skirts and dresses that end above or below the knee.


Loafers have a simple, preppy, and slightly masculine aesthetic. Wear these with garments that do not droop to the floor. It's best to expose your ankles, like cropped capris, when wearing loafers.




No matter how busy your work is, it should never justify your unkempt appearance. Instead, always look your best in the office with sneakers that are appropriate for work unless there is a strict dress code standard.


Spendless New Zealand offers sneakers in 10 vibrant colours: natural, white, pink, purple, red, tan, natural, blue, grey, multis, and black. We recommend white shoes since they will keep your office wardrobe clean and polished.


Sheet blouses, slacks, and this footwear are some sneakers-to-work outfit ideas that will have you savouring comfort in no time. In addition, an A-line skirt that grazes the calf can replace pants if you don't like pants.


Some sneaker-styling rules to follow:


  • Exposing the skin between your shoes and pants is good!
  • Avoid socks that show. Instead, pick up some invisible socks from Spendless NZ!
  • Be yourself and trust our sense of style. Fashion is self-expression; you can show your personality with this footwear!


Aim for affordability!


We finished discussing the first three essential characteristics of women's casual shoes at Spendless New Zealand that make them qualified to be your ideal footwear for work. Last but not least, affordability!


We understand that looking and feeling your best doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. That’s why we’re proud to offer our range of women’s shoes at prices that won’t break the bank. So shop all your favourite styles without overspending.


The best shoes do not have to cost a lot of money. Quality matters and Spendless New Zealand provides it. Why waste money you worked hard for on footwear that will not serve your best interests?


The only place you can get a pair of comfortable, versatile, stylish, and affordable women's casual shoes that will stay within your budget is Spendless NZ. You'll love our flexible payment systems because they allow you to purchase now and pay later!


Get Your Hands on the Footwear That Makes Your Hard Day at Work a Breeze!


Upgrade your wardrobe with women's casual shoes from Spendless New Zealand so you can impress your colleagues with runway-worthy fashion! Head to our online store or the stockist nearest you! Look your best so you can perform at the top of your game.


Take a 10% discount when you make your first purchase at Spendless Shoes NZ. Shopping at Spendless NZ is always a breeze, so find the perfect women’s footwear in various styles and colours, and get ready to kick off the summer in comfort and style!