The Perfect Heel for The Modern NZ Woman!

Every girl in New Zealand loves to take their heels out of the cupboard and wear them for a fun night out. You will find that these women love to show off their pair of heels because they can make you feel confident all day and night. There is no better feeling than a set of pumps that make you feel confident and fashionable. 


That is why the team here at Spendless Shoes New Zealand has gathered our favourite heels styles for you to choose from. We know that you will find your new favourite pair of pumps right here with us. So if you need a new set of heels, now is the perfect time to make that happen! Take a look below to find out more!  


Style 1- Block Heels


First up on our must-have list of pumps is our range of block heels. These shoes are perfect for every occasion in your life. Whether it is a dinner with family or a day in the office, you will love that these block kitten heels can keep you looking stylish all day long. 


There is nothing better than wearing a set of pumps that you know will look good with just about every outfit. So we have got you sorted if you need a new pair of block heels for work. Our range of pumps is perfect for a day in the office. These block heels feature a low base and comfortable straps, so you will get the chance to walk around all day long without any pain in your feet when you wear these pumps. 


Then, take your block heels to the next level and style them with your nighttime look. Whether it is for dinner or drinks, you will love what a pair of block heels can do for your look. We know you will love these shoes! 


Style 2 – Stiletto Heels


Strut your stuff all day and night with our range of stilettos. You will find that these pumps are perfect for work and play. A pair of stilettos feature a thin and tall base with a strappy low front. This style of mid-heels ​is a must-have in every girl's wardrobe.


Stilettos are super stylish, which means that you will always be on-trend when you invest in a pair of these pumps. Our love for a set of stiletto heels is sure to be reciprocated by every girl in New Zealand. We love to style a pair of new arrivals stiletto heels with a pencil skirt and a loose-fitted blouse. 


This type of look is perfect for a day in the office. Once you are ready to ditch the work heels, you can take them straight to the bar or restaurant for a night full of fun and style. Of course, a pair of stiletto heels will look perfect with a fancier outfit as well, so you will have plenty of reasons to wear these classic black pumps to just about every occasion. 


Style 3 – Wedges


Check out our range of wedge heels. These pumps are a must-have for every girl in New Zealand. You will find that these pumps are super comfortable and stylish, so there is no excuse to not invest in a set of these bad boys. You will love how comfortable a pair of wedge heels are to wear to just about every occasion. 


These pumps take inspiration from the fashion trends in Europe. You will find plenty of women flaunting their latest pair of wedge heels during the summer season. These shoes are perfect for warm weather, thanks to their high level of breathability and comfort. As a result, you will never have to worry about painful feet during the summer months. 


Wedge heels will look perfect when you style them with a flowy skirt and cropped t-shirt. You can even change up your look with a pair of denim shorts and an oversized button-up shirt. The options are endless with a set of wedge heels! 


Style 4 – Pointed-Toe


Take your look to the next level with our range of pointed-toe heels. These shoes are a must-have for every girl. In addition, a pair of pointed-toe pumps are sure to keep you looking classy and sophisticated all day long. These pumps are perfect for a day in the office or a special event over the weekend. 


There are plenty of pointed-toe pumps that are sure to suit your style. These are the perfect set of women's heels for you if you love to look classy for every occasion. 


Style 5 – Self-Tie Straps


Shake things up with your next look and style a set of self-tie strappy heels with your outfit. These heels are perfect for when you want to add something unique to your look. In addition, the self-tie straps are perfect to wear during the warmer months of the year because they require you to show off some skin. There is never a better time than now to invest in a set of these self-tie strappy heels. 


You will love wearing a pair of these heels from morning until night. They are super comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear, so you will never have to worry about pain or discomfort. A set of these self-tie strappy heels are sure to make all heads turn when their eyes are on you! 


Style 6 – Platform


Platform heels are the ultimate go-to shoe for all of your festive needs. Whether it is a party over the weekend or a fancy lunch with friends, you can be sure to look your very best in a set of platform heels. These shoes are super stylish and trendy, so there is never an excuse not to wear them. 


You will love the added height that these pumps can give you. We love to pair these platform heels with a mini dress or high-waisted denim jeans and an oversized shirt. There are plenty of looks to style with these platform heels! 


Have You Found Your Perfect Pair of High Heels?


We know that every woman in New Zealand wants to feel confident and stylish all day long. That is why our range of heels are sure to tick all of the right boxes. So head to the Spendless Shoes NZ website today so that you can get your hands on a stylish new pair of pumps!


Place your best foot forward with these heels. Continue hopping with us!