The Perfect Kids Shoes For Holidaying In Wellington!

The Best Shoes For Your Holiday


New Zealand weather is unpredictable and prone to change quickly and without warning. If you want kids’ shoes that are capable of enduring any climate, then browsing the vast range at Spendless is the ideal place to start.


We recommend a set of rain boots for your next trip to Wellington


You might lose a bit of room in your suitcase (unless you pack smaller items inside them), but the amount you’ll save by not replacing kids’ shoes ruined by the wet conditions more than makes up for it. Of all our younger designs, these are some of the simplest to maintain. Rain boots are impermeable to water, mud, wet, grass and other messes. When waterproof kids’ shoes get messy, all you have to do is rinse and dry them off again.


However, our kids’ shoes in this look have another sneaky advantage. Since they’re finished off in bright colours, rain boots are easy to spot through the gloom on dark days and during storms. Children wandering ahead of their parents will always be in sight thanks to their eye-grabbing kids’ shoes!


And, if you want to be cute and double-up on styles, then mums and dads can get rain boots to match too!


Do you want kids’ shoes that can provide extra warmth for your children, without shopping from the waterproof collection?


Our classic boots are the way to go! We have pull-on styles with elastic panels, zip-ups, laced looks, and so much more.


Sneakers and trainers are must-have kids’ shoes on holidays too! 


As lovely as airy sandals are to look at, our active kids’ shoes have more benefits. Depending on where you end up taking your children, covered toes may be a requirement instead of a request. Plenty of playgrounds and outdoor parks demand closed styles, so having a set of sneakers on-hand to protect little feet will be a bonus.


Also, if the forecast looks bleak or you’re surprised by wild weather, then you’ll be glad that your kids’ shoes stop their toes from getting frosty. After all, while adults might hate cold feet, it can ruin an entire day for children!


The sportiest of our kids’ shoes at Spendless have a tread designed for grip.


If you plan on playing games, practising sports, or keeping your children active in Wellington, then our sneakers will be the best fit. However, trainers are the slightly more casual and fashionable option if you need kids’ shoes for a city-based outing or a long day of walking.


So, what about the fastenings?


For older children, our lace-up kids’ shoes are the obvious choice. These can be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit as needed, and our range of finishes in this look has something for everyone. Youngsters have the option of one or more touch-fastening tabs for their fittings. The adhesive straps will stop kids’ shoes from getting lost by babies and toddlers, while older children can experiment with independence.


If you plan on going out to dinner or engaging in other formal events during your Wellington trip, then you will want to pack dressy kids’ shoes too!


Boys can get glossy black styles that will look marvellous in all the family photographs. Girls can enjoy their designs with sparkly features like diamantes or rhinestone trim. At Spendless, many of our kids’ shoes mirror the adult range, so you can find kinds that will make the whole family match!


With such a diverse selection available, you can find kid’s shoes that even the fussiest children will love.


Have fun and spend less on kids’ shoes for your trip to Wellington! Browse the looks online at Spendless today, or come see us in-store.