The Perfect Men’s Boots For Both Work And Play

Premium Work Boots


On the hunt for some brand new men’s boots? Spendless Shoes has something to suit everyone. Since there’s no shortage of options when it comes to our men’s boots, we thought we’d give you an overview of popular picks for and styles that excel in multiple settings. Now, let’s get into it!


Working hard?


One of our best-loved designs for men’s boots comes from our work range. These hard-wearing styles are essentials for tradies, construction workers, apprentices, and any guys who need men’s boots that will protect their feet on the job. Steel-capped toed keep easily-broken bones safe from heavy machinery and the odd dropped brick or box. The tough but spongy soles keep you cosy and steady in the meantime, so you can focus on what you’re doing instead of on your feet.  


If you need men’s boots for the worksite, then Spendless Shoes has two main designs to pick from— zip-up or pull-on. Either of these high-endurance men’s boots would do well in rough workplaces, so the choice is all yours.


Zipped men’s boots come with laces too, so they’re easy to customise for your best comfort. You can tighten the cushioning ankle cuff to keep dust and debris from falling through to tops of your shoes as well. These will be hard to take anywhere but work, unless you repurpose them as hiking shoes.


Pull-on styles are a faster fit onto feet (a key design aspect for guys who are always running late), and the elastic side panels stretch to accommodate any foot shape. If you want to go from work to weekend, then these are the better choice.


Functions and dinner dates


Men’s boots are essential during the colder months. If you need extra cover and warmth for your feet and ankles (or you’re getting tired of your ever-present dress shoes), then men’s boots are a natural choice.


Guys who love sleek and shiny finishes to their shoes will welcome the glossy material of our zip-up men’s boots. With their stitched detailing and an interesting profile, this design can suit any ensemble.


Now, what about fashion-chameleons?


Our matte lace-up men’s boots are one such style. These can switch between casual and formal events effortlessly. They’ll make a relaxed yet stylish look under suit pants or dressy chino shorts. We advise mixing brown styles with grey or navy pants for a fresh and modern aesthetic. Otherwise, black fits fine with anything.


Our pull-on styles are next in line. Chelsea-inspired men’s boots are set apart by elastic gussets on both sides, which allow them to transition smoothly onto your feet. The colour range for this style is more varied than other men’s boots, so guys after a particular shade will find their ideal options here. Slip-on men’s boots like these are made for outdoor events like festivals, wedding, parties, and anything else you can imagine. If you have a special occasion that will take you outside this season, then grab a pair of Chelsea men’s boots!


Finally, our suave lace-up men’s boots might be your ultimate match! These slim-fitting shoes have feature laces and a handy side zipper. In winter, these should be coupled with a matching jacket or your skinny jeans.


Which style will you be taking home?


Jump online today and peruse our entire selection. With all these different men’s boots on offer, you're guaranteed to find a pair that fit your fancy! Every style has detailed images and descriptions, the delivery is fast, and our friendly team members can answer any questions you have along the way. Have fun and enjoy spending less on your shoes today!