The perfect men’s shoes for you

We Have Perfect Mens Shoes

Gentlemen, listen up. It is time we talked about your shoes. At Spendless, we have all the men's shoes you could want. We have styles for all seasons, times and occasions. Whether you are a workaholic who needs a trustworthy pair of men's shoes to see them through the week, or a laidback man looking for a style to wear out and about, Spendless has something for you.

Sneakers, sports luxe, and more

At Spendless, our skate shoes, sneakers, trainers and sports luxe styles are ideal for a guy who loves his sports or loves dressing for comfort. Our retro trainers and sneakers are all about comfort and style.
Any man who is a regular at the gym will love racing around in sport's shoes from Spendless. Our streamline sneakers are perfect for circuit-based workouts, a few quick kilometres on the treadmill, or for a supportive base to keep you upright while you do some strength training.

Men who like wearing exercise gear on the weekend will appreciate our sports luxe range and trendy trainers. These have less arch support and soles than our sneakers, but they have plenty of class to make up for it. You can wear these all day and into the night without fear of blisters or sore feet slowing you down.


Do you have a special occasion coming up? A wedding, a work function, or a fancy dinner with the would-be in-laws? Well, there's a good chance you will need a pair of dress shoes shortly. Our dress shoes are as diverse as the men who were them. Go for laced, shiny black dress shoes for an old-school classic statement. Tan shoes are considered more daring and modern than black, so with an additional sharp blazer or fitted pants, you will be looking sophisticated in no time. If laces are not your thing, we have slip-on styles with elastic gussets for a more form fit.

For something a little different this season, try some ankles boots. These are perfect as semi-formal wear. Depending on how you style them, a pair of boots could be the ideal addition to your formal outfit. Even in a work setting, some laced boots with a soft fabric finish can look excellent.

And speaking of work...

Styles for the workplace

Men's work shoes fall into three basic categories: office, outdoor, and hospitality.

Men's office shoes can be sought out in either the "school/work" or "dress" sections. Any of our dress shoes would be a big hit in an office setting. You can decide between or laced and open styles. Is your workplace smart-casual or relaxed-formal? Spendless has products to fit the whole spectrum.

Food and hospitality workers, cleaners, bartenders, cooks, and even retail workers will find their perfect pair from our slip-resistant range. These slip-resistant styles are certified for the Australian workplace. Our slip resistant shoes incorporate built-in shock absorption heel cushioning, non-slip soles, and oil resistant outsoles in their design.

Work boots are the most impressive of the heavy duty at Spendless Shoes. Whether a pull-on or lace-up boot, Spendless work boots come with thick and durable soles to protect your feet for sharp, chemical, or falling hazards. Steel caps are another helpful feature of these shoes, and with an Australian Safety Standard approval, why would you not?

In summary

Spendless has men's shoes for all occasions and tastes. Need a new pair of dress shoes? We have got you covered. Do you want boots for a casual, office, or worksite setting? We have those too. So whether you are looking for a suave, casual, or everyday style, Spendless has men's shoes to fit every foot. Browse our range online today, and see what you can find!