The Perfect Mens Sandals For Holidaying In Queenstown This Summer

For Style and Comfort, You Can't go past Our Mens Sandals 

Shop for the best men's sandals of the summer! Spendless Shoes bring you the best pick of colours and designs so that you can find your perfect match. With reef-walkers, slides, and plenty of sporty shoes to choose from, you're spoiled for choice. Don't spend the season in a ratty old pair of men's sandals— update your look today!

A must-have for the warmer months

Men's sandals are the ideal shoe to wear in scorching weather. Not only are they trendy and look great, but they're also a practical choice. You get a bit more protection with men's sandals than you do with flip-flops, given their sturdy bases. If you wear them out, men's sandals are also considered more appropriate in shop and restaurants than your PVC beach thongs.

And, despite the better coverage, our men's sandals remain lightweight and extremely breathable. The good airflow should keep your feet from getting too hot or sweaty inside your shoes, which should keep foot odour down to a minimum.

Birkenstock-inspired kinds

If you want a look that can switch from work to weekend in an instant, then these are essential men's sandals for your collection. A hot favourite this season, our Birkenstock-inspired slides come with dual buckled top straps for that signature look, a grooved base for traction, and a contoured footbed. For a relaxed but formal look, we recommend wearing these men's sandals with a dress jacket and some beige chinos. However, these men's sandals will also pair well with denim shorts and swimwear.

Get out and go with gladiators

We love these men's sandals for a fresh and sporty feel. With a padded ankle feature for extra comfort and a partially-enclosed design, our gladiators are a classic feeling style. Weekends are best-spent in these during the summertime. With a steady tread and a semi-formal air, these men's sandals could be a great pair to wear on a wine tour instead of dress shoes. There's no need to fear grass or grape stains if you take these through the vineyard, after all!

Slide into the sunshine

If you're an outdoorsy type who loves getting out in the garden, then our slide-on men's sandals should be a great fit. The sturdy bottom tread is well-fit for work out in the shed, or on the lawn or deck. You can adjust these to your best comfort with two touch-fastening top tabs— if you have a broader or narrower foot than the average, then our slip-on men's sandals can comfortably accommodate you. Keep these out by the door, and you can slide into them and head outside at your leisure.

Rock it with reef-walkers

If you spend your summer on the beach, or getaway for an annual camping trip, then these men's sandals will be a dream come true! The robust but flexible sole is excellent on slippery surfaces such as loose gravel or wet algae-covered rocks. While they are an ideal shoe for wearing along with shoreline or in the dunes, they make a fantastic everyday pair. The touch-fastening straps are across the back heel and top of the shoes, so your feet are sure to stay secure inside. Plus, these men's sandals can also handle wading through the water if you like!

So, which set of men's sandals will make this summer great?

Shopping with us online has never been easier! You can order men's sandals where and wherever you like and in your own time. You can browse styles at your leisure, and with different photos and information to help inform your decision, you can choose the right men's sandals the first time. Get the look for less at Spendless Shoes!