The Perfect Sandal For Any Occasion

Transform Your Everyday Wardrobe With Our Range Of Sandals 

On the hunt for a hot new pair of women's sandals? Spendless Shoes is the perfect place to shop! Whether you plan on spending the holidays lounging around by the poolside, or catching up with friends and family, we have the styles to see you through!

So, why are women's sandals a top pick for summer?

Well, they are incredibly cosy. We aren't just talking about spongey soles and changeable fastenings either (although many do have them) — women's sandals from Spendless Shoes should keep your feet comfortable in the heat too, thanks to their breathable and airy designs.

As a matter of formality

Some of our favourite women's sandals this season come with delicate toe-bar straps and ankle bands.

A buckled ankle band will help change the fit for your comfort, while sling-back straps ensure it! They're quick to fit on your foot if you're in a hurry and easy to slip off after a long and tiring day.

With an array of embellished designs, these women's sandals a glamorous choice for casual wear and special events. Diamantes, metallic bars, braided bands, medallions, beads— these women's sandals have it all! Most of the décor is situated on the bridge of the foot and will bring an elegant and sophisticated feel to any formal attire.

Part of the bridal party?

Flat women's sandals are a quintessential style for weddings— whether you have a long or short ceremony, most weddings encompass events that last from morning one morning until the next. Any woman who could spend the entirety of it in heels would be intimidatingly impressive. Most ladies pack an extra pair of flats or women's sandals to change into at the reception or after party, once most of the cameras have been tucked away.

On a day-to-day basis

If you need an everyday pair of women's sandals designed for convenience, then our slides are a great way to go! This year, there's a particular focus on straps. Crossover or 'x' bands are simple but quite lovely. With fun and modern-feeling designs, these women's sandals cover almost all of the top of your foot. Even with your toes peeking out of the top, these women's sandals should help keep your feet safe from stinging sunburns as summer heats up!

Women's sandals for work

Mules of all shapes and sizes are proving their worth in the workplace in 2018! With only a small peep-toe for a bit of added styling, the majority of our mules-style women's sandals make it past most dress codes. Your choice of colours ranges from complementary black and tan to attention-grabbing red. With a gorgeous faux suede, these low block heels match well with culottes, summery skirts, and your best blouses.


Looking for a women's sandals that will make your legs look long and lovely? Come and try our tie-up styles! We cannot get enough of these at Spendless Shoes. Their stunning, crisscrossing straps lace up your legs like a pair of ballet shoes. Denim skirts and t-shirt dresses will be an easy match in the summertime, but you can get your fair share of wear throughout the year— these women's sandals will bloom in any season!
For pinnacle party wear, we also have a variation with block heels. Cosy and trendy, these are uniquely suited to your next exciting event.

Is it time for you to pick up a great pair of women's sandals?

Get ahead of the best trends this season when you shop at Spendless Shoes! Browse your options online today, and you'll be amazed by all the possibilities. We'll deliver shoes to your door in no time at all! Make this summer memorable with our women's sandals!