The Perfect Sandals For The New Zealand Climate!

For Style And Comfort, You Can't Go Past Our Sandal Range  

Is someone searching for sandals? Well, congratulations. You've found the perfect place to look! At Spendless Shoes, we have a variety of styles for customers of all ages and genders! So, shall we get started?

Thongs and other beachy styles

At Spendless Shoes, we are nothing if not accommodating to different settings and terrains! With the sweltering summer sun poised to scorch New Zealand soon enough, a spare set of sandals or thongs would not be remiss.

We have sandals for women, men, and kids in this department! If you need shoes that can handle sea and surf, then check out our selection of PVC thongs. These are perfect for a stroll, a quick round of beach volleyball or cricket, and for wading around through the shallows.

Lovely looks for ladies

Isn't it funny how trends pop up all at once? In the world of women's sandals, we are seeing more and more styles with feature straps working their way into the top spots! Crisscrossing bands, straps around the big toes, and straps running diagonally, look to be big for summer in 2018. You can see the appeal, of course. Despite slides and thick mules-style slip-on shoes out to rival them, strappy sandals are certainly holding their own!

Did we mention how many special additions you can find on our women's sandals? Diamantes and rhinestones are the heaviest hitters this season— people adore a little shimmer at the toes and the dressy feel it brings. However, beading and metallic décor are also proving to be favourites on sandals.

The perfect shoes for your children

Kids' sandals can be slightly more difficult than adult styles. Not only do they need something sturdy, practical, and supportive, but they also need some fun! At Spendless Shoes, we have sandals that kids and parents will all appreciate.

With breathable designs for sweaty feet, protective and flexible soles to stop sharp shells and rocks, and waterproof material, you can't go wrong! Plus, we have lots of thongs and sandals with bright, colourful prints or cartoony pictures. Your kids are sure to love our cool prints!

Reef-walkers and gladiators

Let's get down to business, guys. If you need sandals that are a bit tougher but still trendy, then these are the styles for you!

Reef-walkers are sandals suited to rougher terrains. Their durable bottom sole is perfect to traipsing in the water, over wet and slippery rocks, or through the sand. The velcro straps will keep your feet securely inside too!

Gladiators are a great option for guys who are disinterested in other summer styles such as loafers and boat shoes. With a cool cut-out look, these sandals can add a confident and relaxed feel to a pair of chinos and a button-down shirt.You get the perfect blend of casual and formal with gladiator sandals!

Birkenstock-inspired sandals

These are an excellent choice for all! At Spendless, our styles of these come in variations for men and women. However, you can find versions of these with velcro fastenings for the kids too! With those trendy dual straps, contoured innersole, and grooved grip, these are the perfect option for wearing out and about casually. Since they are dressier than thongs, these sandals have even become a popular pick at beach weddings!

For ceremonies held on the sand or at venues overlooking the beach, these will work beautifully!

So, why wait?

Jump online and browse our collection of sandals! Got any questions? Talk to one of our team members in real-time over our handy LiveChat feature, or send something through using our contact form! Shop the range at Spendless Shoes, where you can always get the look for less, and find the best sandals of the season.