The Perfect Wedding Shoe, No Matter Your New Zealand Wedding Style!

Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes 


Hello, wedding shoes! At Spendless, we have a great range of styles for women, men, and children waiting for you.




If the ceremony gets held at a high-class venue or a church, then formal wedding shoes are your best bet; this means high heels with glamorous finishes for the ladies, and the shiniest of dress styles for the men. These are essential looks that you can wear again and again to other events and celebrations, so there’s no risk of shoving these back into the closest to collect dust!


Beach weddings


We won’t go so far as to recommend PVC thongs (although we do have some nice ones this year), but you cannot go wrong wearing sandals to a seaside ceremony. These are perfect wedding shoes for posing in the sand (or even in the surf for some gorgeous candid photographs) and should keep your feet protected from the sun, sharp rocks, slimy seaweed, or even a bold and irritable little crab.


Given their popularity this season, we’ll be putting Birkenstock-inspired wedding shoes forward for boys of all ages, and metallic sling-back sandals for the girls.




Not everyone feels the need to rent out fancy venues or go and set-up by the shore. A relaxed exchanging of vows out in the garden with your closest friends and family in attendance can be just as romantic and meaningful for a couple in love as any other. In this case, you’ll probably get a concise and clear dress code for wedding shoes—smart-casual, anything in gold or white, or even whatever you want.


Guys, you will still want to skip out on trainer and sneakers for your wedding shoes. Ladies, we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity and wear flats.


Our advice for wedding shoes


This one is for the ladies


If you struggle to get through more than a few hours in a pair of high heels, then pack some flat or low wedged wedding shoes for the reception or after party. While you don’t want to be the only short person in all of the official photographs, but by this time in the evening, no one is going to judge you for switching out your heels for some comfier wedding shoes. Of course, even if they do, you know they’re just jealous they didn’t plan and do it themselves!


Guys are pretty lucky when it comes to picking wedding shoes


Chances are, you can skate by with one lace-up or slip-on style and wear it throughout the year. Your only stylistic decision will be choosing between black or tan (we love brown wedding shoes with blue and grey suits, for your information) since the designs are relatively similar. So, our advice to you about wedding shoes is this: wear them in!


Don’t leave it until the last minute, or you could end up with some nasty blisters after the Big Day! Do a few laps inside the house, or switch out your regular work set for your wedding shoes and wear them around the office for a few days. It’s as easy as that!


Kids, you haven’t been forgotten!


Finding wedding shoes for kids is quite easy! Most of our favourite styles are just miniature versions of our adult wedding shoes, so matching looks with parents is dead simple. Sandals, slides, heels, gladiators— we’ve got it all!


So, our one bit of advice for parents buying wedding shoes for their kids is this: make sure they are comfortable! If your kids are uncomfortable, you are going to hear about it loudly and often. Make sure you buy styles for their fit, not just their look!


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