The Perfect Wedding Shoes For Your New Zealand Ceremony!

Stylish And Comfortable Wedding Shoes 

To the brides and grooms, friends, family, and honoured guests: Spendless has the wedding shoes for you! Our excellent collection is fit for all ages and ceremonies of every sort! We're going to help you find the wedding shoes you need for the Big Day.

We'll open with top tips and showcase our wedding shoes. Since the setting is such an important factor, we'll also give you a quick recommendation for the places you can and can't wear certain styles comfortably. Ready to read on?

Ladies, here's what you need to know!

Before you start shopping, have a long think about the height, heel style, and general design of your wedding shoes. After all, if anything could be your undoing, it's going to be the heel.

While men and kids can happily bypass this complication, dressy wedding shoes almost always incorporate a platform of some kind, so the consideration has to be there.

To help narrow your ideal option down, here's a quick rundown of our wedding shoes:

There are four main bases for women to choose from at Spendless: block heels, stilettos, wedges, and flats.

Need an elegant pair for nuptials indoors at a fancy venue? Block heels and stilettos are probably the best wedding shoes for the job. If you're worried about getting sore feet during a full day, of dancing, standing, and posing for photos, then choose a lower style.

The thicker the platform of your wedding shoes, the easier it will be for you to take them outdoors and wear them for extended periods. As such, wedges and flats are popular at beach ceremonies. Since these are also more casual wedding shoes, they will be perfect in a relaxed backyard or park setting.

Beyond that, you have your pick of materials, colours, and décor!

Gentlemen, here are your quick tips!

Our top advice for men's wedding shoes is this; break them in before the Big Day. It's one thing guys tend to forget about, but getting your feet used to the style in advance can add to your experience. If you don't work in a profession where these styles are the norm, then it can take some getting used to even the comfiest wedding shoes. Wear your pair around the house in the lead-up and save yourself blisters or sore feet later!

Now, let's have a look at the main style of men's wedding shoes, shall we?

The two main styles are classic dress designs and ankle boots.

Dressy wedding shoes can be lace-up or slip-on, but these are the pair that you'll wear with a suit. The settings you can take these are flexible, although you probably won't want to risk ruining the glossy finish in rough terrain or suffer sand in your socks.

Ankle boots are just as shiny as our formal wedding shoes, by they give better protection and cover for feet. They're also an easy way to dress down suit pants at a laidback venue. We recommend these during colder months or in the outdoors. You have the option of zip-up designs with laced uppers or sleek pull-on boots with elastic panels.

These wedding shoes come mainly in black or tan and can match well with any ensemble. However, we do have some excellent alternatives on offer as well.

Let us help you save time and money!

With a fantastic range of styles and wedding shoes at affordable prices, why wouldn't you shop at Spendless? Avoid paying all at once thanks to flexible options like Afterpay and Zip. When you buy online, you'll always enjoy fast delivery. Shop our full collection of wedding shoes today and find your ultimate match!