Shoes That Help You Slay During Winter!

Do you have a Big Day coming up this winter? Spendless has wedding shoes to fit the bill. Our excellent collection will have men, women, and kids looking their best in every season. Now, read on for all the details about our formal range and the main things to remember.

Winter wedding shoes must be weather-appropriate

Beyond looking great, your formal footwear should feel good as well. And, if there’s one thing that can drag down your mood during winter, it’s cold or wet feet. Considering the fact that most Big Days can encompass a full day, it might be difficult to feel upbeat and festive if your toes are freezing inside of your wedding shoes. So, what do we recommend?

Formal boots are an outstanding choice for wedding shoes, namely for men and boys. These excellent wedding shoes will keep rain and icy wind off of your skin, so you can enjoy their warm and cosy fit. Since the majority of our styles are like higher versions of our usual dressy designs, it can be hard to spot boots unless you are actively looking for them. As such, suits and other event attire will be a great match with boots.

Ladies and girls typically have a harder time sneaking boots into formal events. Unlike their male counterparts, black and brown are less well-received than white, natural, or metallic wedding shoes. However, we do have some unique options for bridesmaids and flower girls too! Block heels and flats make superior winter wedding shoes because they rarely slip or slide on wet surfaces.

Wedding shoes should feel timeless

If the majority of the ceremony and celebrations afterwards are held indoors, then there’s no reason why you can’t still go with the classics for your wedding shoes. Stilettos should have no issue walking around venue floors, so you will get to enjoy the height boost and elegant shaping without consequence. Likewise, men’s wedding shoes can remain low-cut and suave.

Provided that there is also heating, you might choose to experiment with open or partially-exposed styles. Ladies minimalist cocktail heels are one such choice, as they leave the foot uncovered but for the ankle and toe strap. Likewise, a set of dressy loafers with woven detailing could make trendy wedding shoes from groomsmen look, who can decide whether to include socks or not.

Formality is crucial to the design of all wedding shoes

Whether you’re in attendance, a guest of honour, or actually walking down the aisle, your footwear needs to look the part. There’s no need to feel intimidated, however; take wedding shoes as an opportunity to dress up!

A key design element for men’s wedding shoes is the finish. You might be surprised, but a smooth matte or glossy high-shine coating can make all the difference to your formal attire. The choice all comes down to personal preferences, as either material looks sharp and sophisticated. However, we do recommend shiny wedding shoes in formal settings and matte for more relaxed surroundings, if only to maintain their integrity.

As for the ladies, the extra features for wedding shoes lean towards glitter, rhinestones, or other shiny decorations. A little line of sparkles across the toes can lift your whole look in an instant, so it should be no surprise that our most popular bridal styles feature something similar. Additionally, you’ll find that our bedazzled wedding shoes come in stilettos, block heels, and other designs, so you have your pick of the lot!

We hope that helps!

Take home wedding shoes that can elevate your formal attire and make you feel amazing simultaneously. Browse our styles online or see us in store, and have fun spending less on your next pair.