The Perfect Women’s Flats For Work!

Is it time for a fresh addition to your corporate wardrobe?


Spendless Shoes has great looks waiting for you.


This season, the essential women’s flats for the office are loafers.


Soft, flexible, and perfect for long days spent up on your feet or tucked behind a desk. Depending on your preferences, we have loafers with open heels or covered ones.


The square-cut to the upper is a fresh update on the standard rounded edge of classic women’s flats and a modern-feeling switch. Our favourites in this look come with metallic features on the tops of the toes. While the metal piece is only small, it may be the highlight feature of these women’s flats. The golden bar shines brightly against the solid black of the loafer material and adds a classically formal element to the shoes on the whole. 


Did we mention that they’re also extremely comfy and convenient?


Not having a heel or any muscle-stressing incline makes our women’s flats cosy from the get-go. Loafers are lightweight and flexible, so blisters should be a problem of the past. And, whether your women’s flats have an open heel or an actual backing, they have the same slide-in style. All that you have to do is slip your feet inside and head out for the day!


Because there are several aspects working together in this design, we have few variations of the style in our women’s flats range.


The loafers may be similar, but each shapes your feet in unique ways. For instance, you may choose a style with a long and pointed toe to make your feet appear narrower. Women’s flats with a shorter and squarer front might make your feet shrink in comparison. Beyond the visual effects, having more variety to play with is always beneficial.


Women’s flats with open heels create an even easier fitting experience. If you’re always running late or find fiddly fastenings frustrating after an exhausting day, then these women’s flats could keep you happy. And, if hot and sweaty feet plague you regularly, then you’ll also appreciate the airflow.


These women’s flats feel like a ballet style and more like a proper loafer, but that unprotected back might toe the line at strictly formal offices and workplaces.


Try a finish that works for you


As far as materials are concerned, loafers from Spendless Shoes are either synthetic leather or faux suede. If you adore glossy black shoes and their classy feel, then a leather-look women’s flats will be the ideal pick. Or, if you love the look and feel of soft faux suede, then you can find something that appeals to you as well!


Make a fantastic fashion statement with our women’s flats!


Our loafers are a chic match with combinations including blazers and sleek work pants if you want a professional and sharp outfit. Classic black slacks and floral or colourful blouses are excellent with these women’s flats as well.  


These black women’s flats will make a gorgeous contrast with camel-coloured jackets and trench coats during winter. Of course, we won’t say no to black-on-black or something bolder either! On rainy days, styles made from synthetic leather are the way to go, unless you give your faux suede women’s flats a once-over with Spendless’ waterproofing spray!


You could wear them outside the office as well!


What’s fabulous about women’s flats like our loafers is the fact that you can sneak them into your everyday wardrobe too! A set of these with skinny jeans or a favourite dress will sharpen them up and create a relaxed sort of elegance.


Isn’t it time that you got loafers into your wardrobe?


Check out the whole range of women’s flats online or at your local Spendless Shoes!