The Perfect Women’s Sandal For a Christchurch Summer!

Start the season right with women’s sandals from Spendless Shoes! Our trendy designs are a must-have for summers in Christchurch, and we’ve got something to suit everyone. Are you looking for some style inspiration in 2021? We'll guide you through a few of our best-loved women’s sandals and everyone’s favourite pairs for summer. 

Once we’ve finished, you’ll be ready to browse through our online collection for yourself and select the ideal match. But, for now, let’s have a look at your options of women’s sandals together!


You’ll love our classic slides!


How do you feel about women’s sandals with classic leather-look material, trendy textures, or fun décor? Our slides and other slip-on flats are a top pick at Spendless, and we’ve always got something worth adding to your wardrobe. 

For a basic casual look, women’s sandals with a thick top band, peep toes, and flats soles are a must-have since they have a look that’s easy to match with any outfit. If you’re interested in getting slides with a more daring and fashionable feel, then a textured pair would be a great match. 

Our scaly crocodile slides and lightweight linen women’s sandals will give your ensemble a fun feel. You can also take the opportunity to add some other accessories to your outfit that match those trendy textured shoes!


You need waterproof women’s sandals in your collection! 


Beach thongs are a must-have for any New Zealand customer. There are the obvious places you can take waterproof women’s sandals, like down to the beach or by the poolside. When the sun is bright and the water beckons, you’ll need a set of jandals to pair with your swimwear. 

You won’t need to get stressed if your women’s sandals get covered in sand, seaweed, wet grass, dirt, or other mess, because they’re easy to clean and made for wear outdoors. Under a tap or hose, it will only take a few seconds to spray down your waterproof shoes, and then they’ll be ready for you to wear again in no time!

You’ll get your fair share of wear out of women’s sandals from Spendless during any season, not just summer and spring. Your favourite jandals can live by your backdoor and be a pair to throw on when you need to go out quickly. Whether you’re going to be doing jobs in the garden, heading off for a quick errand, or simply walking to your mailbox, our slide-on women’s sandals are the ones for the job!

In 2021, we’ve brought in cute versions for your collection, including decorations like dazzling rhinestones and adorable prints.


Get excited about strappy women’s sandals!


This summer, we think that strappy styles are the way to go! Are you bored with your current bunch of women’s sandals? Do you want shoes with a bit more personality? Well, the Spendless collection is here to deliver!

Our strappy women’s sandals are trendy, comfortable, and great for warm weather. Plus, you’ll feel spoiled for choice with our fantastic line-up of designs. 

Are you a fan of classic women’s sandals with a fun twist? Your perfect pick could be something in leather-look material with a fashionable big toe band.

Do you like the idea of flats that you can customise for the best fit and prettiest styling options? Faux suede flats are another enticing option for ladies looking for women’s sandals.

You have full control over how to style the long and lovely laces on these styles, which means they can always suit your needs.


Have fun in flatform women’s sandals!


There’s no shortage of places where you’ll be able to wear these thick-sole flats! Flatform women’s sandals are the perfect mix of comfort and style, which is why they’re a go-to for everyday wear and for parties and events too! 

Anyone who lives in Christchurch (or other popular cities in New Zealand) will know heels aren’t always the best option for a night out! A pair of flatform women’s sandals can give your outfit the bold style boost that you need to feel confident when you go out with the girls, while also keeping you comfortable. 

There is no need to worry about getting sore feet when you want to dance the night away either. Our platform flats offer hours of uninterrupted comfort. Forget about tripping and sliding on slippery flooring in a bar, club, or similar venue; flatform women’s sandals shouldn’t have any trouble there! 

So, what sort of options will you see at Spendless Shoes in 2021? Flatforms come in a handful of gorgeous designs, including ones with striped soles, braided rope décor, and other pretty additions. If you love shoes with a bohemian vibe, then the braided styles will be a fast favourite in your wardrobe. Otherwise, our smooth leather-look women’s sandals would be a sensational purchase too! 


Treat yourself to a new set of shoes this season! 


When you shop at Spendless Shoes, you can afford to spoil yourself! For starters, our low prices make buying a new pair of women’s sandals affordable for everyone. Your wallet will never feel the pinch when you decide to take a set of our fabulous flats home. 

Spendless can keep your wardrobe up to date without draining your hard-earned savings, which is why we’re a top pick for buying women’s sandals! Did you know that we also offer alternative payment options for customers who don’t want to pay for their purchase at once? Delayed payment schemes are a great new addition to our online service and an easy way for customers to get women’s sandals without going over their weekly budget.

For ladies ordering from Christchurch, Spendless has Laybuy as an option. When you order women’s sandals with Laybuy, the process is the same as usual, apart from the fact that you won’t have to pay the full cost at the Checkout. Instead, Laybuy allows you to split up your bill into smaller repayments and spread them out over a few weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to pay for them. 

In the meantime, we’ll send out your order of women’s sandals, and you can enjoy them as much as you like! Which of our fantastic styles will you take home in 2021? 


Shop at Spendless Shoes online today!