The Sock Dilemma: How High Is Too High for Your Girl’s School Shoes

Every parent knows that their daughters are bound to go through the phase in their education where fashionable uniforms are a must-have. How could someone turn a uniform into fashion, you may wonder? Well, you have come to the right place if you want to learn the answer. There are many trends that your daughter will experience when she attends school, and one of the trends is related to kids school shoes. 


These kicks can quickly become the talk of the yard, and making the right choices when wearing a pair of girls' school shoes can become detrimental to their reputation. Many females like to show off their fashion sense by going against all boundaries that are in place. 


When it comes to uniforms, one trend causes quite the dilemma: whether girls' school shoes should get worn with high socks. The constant question that pops up in the yard is how high is too high for a pair of socks with a set of girl's school shoes.


The trends are changing and evolving, so we have gathered a range of girl's school shoes that can get worn with low socks and high socks and still get classified as trendy. Take a read below to learn more about this trend and ensure your daughters are up to date with the popular looks of girls' school shoes. 


Style #1 – Boots


Does your daughter love to rock a pair of boots? Get yourself a paper and pen to take notes on this trend if you nod yes. 


A set of boots are the type of girl's school shoes that not many people wear. Male students commonly wear these girl's school shoes.


A pair of boots are a style of girl's school shoes that comes in and out of fashion rather than staying consistent throughout the entire year as they do for boys. A pair of boots are much more suited for a New Zealand winter because they can protect your daughter's feet with ease. 


However, wearing a pair of boots comes with the sock dilemma, and how high should your daughter's socks be with these girl's school shoes on her feet? For boots, your daughter's socks should sit at ankle level. This tip is because the boots get made with an extended length around the ankle and calves for extra protection. If a set of high socks get paired with these girl's school shoes, you would not be able to notice them very well. 


So, it is in your best interest to stick to a pair of ankle socks so your daughter can stay comfortable and on-trend. For a customer creating a new shoe trend, then start by wearing boots as school shoes.


Style #2 – Mary-Jane 


 The Mary-Jane style of girl's school shoes is one that your daughter does not want to miss out on getting. These kicks are trendy all year round, which makes the sock dilemma much harder to figure out. 


From what we have gathered, a pair of Mary-Jane bar school shoes look best when paired with a set of socks that are placed mid-high. This look means that the socks sit in the middle of the calf. 


If the socks are always sitting above the ankle, your daughter will look stylish for a day full of education and play. These girl's school shoes are perfect for the New Zealand summers because they are super breathable, durable and comfortable to wear. 


These girl's school shoes are a must-have in every footwear collection. Your daughter will fit right into the trendy crowds when she rocks a pair of Mary-Janes kid's school shoes. 


Style #3 – Lace-Ups


Does your daughter love to wear a pair of lace-up girl's school shoes? If you are nodding yes, then keep on reading. 


Lace-up girl's school shoes are the perfect style of footwear to wear during any season of the year. They are a timeless and effortless classic that will never go out of trend. Your daughter can easily slip in and out of these sneakers, which is why they are such a popular style of girl's school shoes. 


The best way to wear a pair of socks with these kick styles is to have them sitting low against your ankles. Lace-ups designed with a low-sitting cut, so by wearing a set of ankle-cut socks, you can ensure that everything blends in with one another. 


Some females prefer to wear high socks with these lace-up girl's school shoes because it offers added warmth and protection for the upper calf. The trends will change depending on what season you are in, so it may be best to faster checkout both so your daughter does not miss out. 


Style #4 – Slip-On Flats


If your daughter is super fashionable and is always up to date on the latest trends, she will enjoy this current uniform trend. A pair of slip-on flats are the go-to style of girl's school shoes and especially during the warmer months of the year. 


Slip-on flats do not offer much protection against rain, mud, or other substances, so it is best to wear these during good weather conditions. The best way to style these girl's school shoes with a pair of socks is to wear your socks at a high level. 


This trend is what looks best with a set of slip-on flats, so pass this on to your daughter asap! She will appreciate all of your helpful tips, especially when wearing a pair of girl's school shoes. Rocking these kicks with high-level socks will accentuate your daughter's legs and add a unique touch to their daily uniform. Women, men, this is the sign to purchase this footwear for your daughter.


Style #5 – Touch-Fastening Kicks


Touch-fastening girl's school shoes are a style of footwear that your daughter needs in her life. These are an easy-to-wear pair of kicks and are super comfortable no matter how long you wear them. 


The touch-fastening straps are the best part about these girl's school shoes. They create a simple process for people to follow when you tighten or loosen these kicks. Once they are tied up, your feet will get strapped and secured into place with hardly any room for movement. 


This tip is supported by wearing a pair of socks that are at the mid-height level. This trend can help keep your daughter's feet and ankles warm and protected all year long. It is an effortless trend to follow and will keep your daughter up to date with the best way to wear girl's school shoes. 


Thank us later! 


Are You All Up to Date With the Current Girl's School Shoes Trends?


If you feel like you have learned everything that there is to know when it comes to wearing socks and a pair of girl's school shoes, then it means you can pass on the information to your daughter. She will be thrilled to know of the current trends and can copy them where she sees fit. 


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