The Top 5 Stylish School Shoes For Your Boys

Is it time to update your boys’ school shoes? Make Spendless your first stop to shop in 2021! We’ve got a diverse collection of styles for students of all ages. So, our range is sure to have the perfect pair of kids shoes for you. There so many to choose from at our online store. It might be challenging to know where to begin looking. Today, we’d love to tell you about our five most stylish boys’ casual shoes for school to make your next shopping trip a bit easier. Let’s go over them now!


  • Classic Lace-up Boys’ School Shoes


You can’t go wrong with the classics! When it comes to buying black leather shoes that your son can wear on his regular day-to-day lessons in the classroom, lace-up designs are the most popular pock at Spendless. Firstly, they have a timeless style and are an instant match with any uniform. Secondly, there’s the fact that kids can loosen or tighten the styles at their leisure means that lace-up kids school shoes can always offer the ideal fit. Thirdly, Spendless also provides the choice of leather-inclusive or vegan-friendly footwear. If your children prefer one material or the other, you can easily pick out the black school shoes  that suit their needs. Finally, your kids are sure to get their fair share of wear from our lace-up styles outside of the classroom t0oo! Have you thought about using ’casual shoes for events and special occasions? Selecting formal footwear for guys isn’t nearly as complicated as it can be for girls. As long as your sons' leather school shoes are freshly polished and paired with a suit or other formal attire, they will blend right in at weddings, parties, and other black-tie events. Forget about buying a new pair of party shoes for one special occasion! Your son will feel comfortable and look stylish in his casual shoes.


  • Touch-fastening Classroom Styles


Who says these can only be school shoes for young kids? Our touch-fastening boys shoes are a staple pair for little kids since they’re the simplest for young children to do up or undo themselves. But don’t get fooled because Spendless has a vast range of touch-fastening styles! The largest pairs run to a preteen size 6, and that means they’ll fit young adults easily! They come with the same glossy black material, smooth shaping, and classic feel as our lace-up boys shoes. As far as the quality of the support and comfort features, touch-fastening pairs are also equal to our laced designs. The dual top straps provide a doubly secure fit, their grooved soles will provide balance and grip on slippery surfaces, and they offer built-in support features for an additional level of comfort. Touch-fastening brown school shoes can also be a great timesaver! Do you struggle to get your son out of the door in decent time each morning? Believe it or not, touch-fastening shoes for active kids could save crucial time during the morning routine. Instead of wasting time unlacing and retying their pair, your son can slide straight into his pair, stick the strap down, and head out of the door!


  • Pull-on Boots


During winter and autumn, pull-on boots are massively popular dress shoes for boys! These comfy boots are so easy for kids to get in and out of. All your son needs to do to get into these wide fit shoes is grab the helpful tabs, slide his foot inside, and then he’s in business! The elasticised side panels stretch to accommodate any foot shape, so your son is guaranteed to enjoy a cosy fit. Since ours get made with a mixture of synthetic and leather material, they offer excellent air circulation and water resistance. So when the heater gets cranked up to high in their classrooms on cold days, your son’s feet won’t overheat and get sweaty in boot-style school shoes. However, his boots will also provide plenty of protection from rain, puddles, mud, and wet grass whenever he has to go outside. Plus, these boys’ casual shoes will look great with casual clothes too!


  • Trendy Casual Sneakers


Every kid should have casual sneakers that they can wear from weekdays to weekends! Here at Spendless, we have some trendy kids new arrivals alternative styles for your son to try in 2021. We know that traditional ankle boots are the go-to option for most parents, but if your son’s dress code is a bit more relaxed about styles, then there’s no reason you can’t try something else! Our trainers are lace-up styles with shiny leather-look material, so they’ll still look at home in a classroom and underneath a uniform. However, kids sport shoes like these have a more relaxed and sportier feel than most. The flexible soles and sporty tread ensure that our sneakers keep your kids comfy. Plus, these boys’ kids sport shoes are a natural match with jeans and a t-shirt   on the weekend!


  • Trainers And Other Sportswear


You can’t forget about sporty  boys shoes! Spendless has great trainers in all-black and all-white this season. You can get these kids shoes with laces or dual touch-fastening straps, so the choice is all yours! Trainers from our collection get designed to provide long-lasting comfort during fast-paced and strenuous physical activities. Of course, most kids will need these for PE classes, but if your son plays club sports or has extracurricular activities on top of that, he must get extra wide shoes that can keep up with him! The robust material, excellent grip, and comfort feature that come with our sneakers will help your child while he keeps up his fitness, has fun playing, and competes! 

Which Of Our Five Styles Does Your Son Need?

With such affordable prices at Spendless, you can afford to treat your son to more than one pair of our most popular pair of school shoes. And remember, Spendless offers free express shipping to New Zealand for orders over $40, so your son’s new pair of kids socks can be on the way to your doorstep quickly at no extra cost! So take a closer look at these boys’ school shoes today!