The Ultimate School Shoes for Premium Support and Durability Are From Spendless!

Searching for the right pair of kids' school shoes is a top priority for parents because they significantly impact the child's academic performance. Parents research the best brand to offer top-notch support and durability.

You have stumbled into one if you have not found the best brand of kids' school shoes. You're on the Spendless New Zealand page, and fate must have brought you here.

Kids' school shoes are unlike other footwear because your children wear them during their most stressful hours. Because they are in their academic institution for approximately 30 hours weekly, the kids' school shoes must provide the support and durability they need to survive.

Support is essential because your child's feet keep developing until puberty. Not providing what they need may affect the bones' fusion or the toes' shape. Do you know how kids' school shoes provide them with superior support and durability?

It's via the features that the footwear has. Spendless New Zealand knows your kid's needs and ensures its collection ticks all the necessary boxes. Learn about all these from the Spendless NZ team. If you're ready, let's start!

What should I look for in a premium pair of kids' school shoes?

Academic footwear should provide various features for all ages to ensure that they will have the best educational experience. Let's look at each.

  1. Comfort

If you want them to concentrate and participate in academic activities and learning, you need to ensure that their school shoes have the following:

  1. The right fit and size

Accurately measuring your child's size requires you to get the width and length of each foot. It's best to do it in the afternoon or evening when their feet are at their maximum size, so kids' school shoes can account for the growth. 

It would help if you brought them to a professional, like a podiatrist, so they could give you the correct measurements and suggest the best style for your child's feet.

  1. Enough toe room

It would help if you looked for kids' school shoes that don't squeeze their toes together because it can hurt them and make them uncomfortable. 

The best test method is to have them try on the footwear and wiggle their toes. If there's pain at any point, don't get them! Choose kids' school shoes with a round or squared-toe design to allow their toes to spread naturally.

Leave room for growth as they experience several growth spurts, so expect to shop for a new pair of kids' school shoes after 4-8 weeks. Leave a 1 cm gap between the tip of the longest toe and the footwear as a buffer. 

Check often to see if the toes hit the kids' school shoes. If yes, immediately replace the footwear.

  1. Adjustability via fastenings

Sometimes, they prefer a different fit, so having fastenings will give them control over it. 

The three Spendless NZ fastenings—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces—allow them to tighten the kids' school shoes when needed. Each fastening requires a different skill that they must learn before using it.

  1. Support

Your child's continuously developing feet require the right amount of support for them to form correctly. 

Failure to find kids' school shoes that can do this may affect the health of their feet, causing painful blisters or, worse, deformities that can affect them permanently.

  1. Flexibility until a certain point.

Kids' school shoes must mimic their feet's natural movement, where they only fold until the balls of their feet. The footwear should be flexible until that point only, nothing further. 

Test it by bending the kids' school shoes, and if it goes beyond the area of the ball, do not get them!

  1. Good grip

Your child will likely participate in classroom and playground activities, where they will run and play. 

These actions require good grip and traction from kids' school shoes to prevent them from slipping and going home with wounds, scratches, or worse, broken bones.

  1. Durability

How can they enjoy and maximise their kids' school shoes if they quickly break down? Find footwear that can last long enough to meet their needs.

  1. Find the best materials

Check if the kids' school shoes are leather or vegan-friendly. Leather material can withstand inclement weather, providing breathability during warm days and insulation in cold months. 

It is essential in New Zealand because it experiences extreme weather changes. Meanwhile, vegan-friendly products are suitable for the environment and can withstand wear and tear.

  1. Firm heel counter

Kids' school shoes must have a firm heel counter because it protects them and controls the motion of their rear foot. It also contributes to the footwear's longevity, making it durable.

Where can I find footwear that ticks all these?

Spendless New Zealand, of course!

The brand ensures its collection of kids' school shoes provides all these and more. We have stylish footwear to help them fit in with their peers and classmates. 

Their kids' school shoes can cause teasing if they differ from the popular style everyone in the classroom wears.

As such, you must include them in deciding which kids' school shoes to buy. Bring them to the store with you, or have them sit beside you if you're shopping online. 

If in-store, ask them to try on the kids' school shoes and walk around. Enquire about the feel, the fit, the grip, and the style so you know if the footwear works. Plus, they feel involved in the process.

Please remember to bring the socks they'll wear with the kids' school shoes because you need to consider the thickness for the fit. And the best part about shopping at Spendless NZ is its flexible payment systems, which allow you to buy now and pay later!

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Head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer store or shop online to get premium kids' school shoes for your child!

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