The Ultimate Women's Casual Shoes in Your Wardrobe

After working hard the past few days, you've finally reached the weekend, so you hurriedly open your closet to dress up and go out. Unfortunately, you cannot find something to wear because everything looks blah and dull. What should you do?


Adding the ultimate women's casual shoes to your wardrobe is the best way to turn your mood around. Since this footwear is versatile, you will never encounter that same disappointment again. 


This wide range of Spendless New Zealand women's shoes will work correctly and look smashing, whatever the occasion is. And the best part?


They are transseasonal, which means you can wear them all year. With several people trimming their closets and curating a capsule wardrobe, your pieces should provide all you need. 


Discover why these are the top choices when one wishes to be sustainable and stylish with the Spendless NZ team's help. Let's start!


Why Adding Sneakers to Your Wardrobe is the Best Choice


Sneakers were initially for sports and athletic purposes. While these still perform that function today, more ladies wear them everywhere for their aesthetic purpose and comfort. 


You'll know when ladies are on a mission to finish their errands because they wear their shoes, providing them with the comfort and support necessary to get through each item on the list.


Sneakers deserve that coveted spot in your capsule wardrobe for the following reasons:




The continuous release of new styles proves that sneakers are here to stay. These women's casual shoes will keep evolving while classic styles will prevail. In short, sneakers will always remain in fashion.




As mentioned, curating a capsule wardrobe requires that your few pieces mix and match each other. 


Luckily, sneakers are shoes that go well with anything. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, and suits. Having these shoes is one of the smartest moves ever, as it guarantees you'll never run out of clothes.


Breathable materials 


If you live an active lifestyle and spend most of your free time working out, you will love that sneakers have breathable fabrics to keep your feet fresh all day. These shoes allow air to circulate, so your feet won't get sweaty despite your activities. 


Customisable fit 


While varied sneaker styles are available, those with fastenings, such as laces, zippers, or straps, provide a customisable fit, allowing you to adjust when needed. You can control how tight or loose you want your shoes to be.




Comfort must always be a top priority when choosing what to wear. What good will your stylish shoes be when you have blisters after wearing them for a few hours? 


Sneakers are easy to wear and use materials that provide cushion, padding, shock absorption, and traction, which ensure you remain safe and cosy. 




Whether wearing plain white sneakers or platform high tops, these casual shoes can elevate your outfit effortlessly. Again, having them in your closet is the easiest way to transform drab to fab!


The Spendless NZ Sneaker Style for You


Spendless NZ has three kinds of sneakers: walking, sports luxe, and trainers. These represent a New Zealand woman's different sides and interests.


Style 1—Walking


For instance, walking sneakers are for on-the-go ladies who fill their weekends with tasks and errands. 


They wear these casual shoes to buy groceries, drive their children to sports practice, bring the dog to the groomer, and all other tasks that help them reach 10,000 steps daily.


Renew is a walking sneaker from Spendless NZ, available in six pleasing colours. These women's flats come in black, blue, green, pink, natural, and white. 


These sneakers will ensure you fulfil all your tasks comfortably with their thick sole and rounded, closed-toe design. Keep the air circulating with the mesh-like pattern of these shoes. 


And since Renew doesn't have fastenings, wear these sneakers quickly via the pull tab at the back of the shoe. 


Style 2—Sports Luxe


Meanwhile, sports-luxe sneakers are for stylish New Zealand ladies who never miss a special gathering. These women's shoes embody what being fashionable is all about. 


With sleek silhouettes and neutral colours, expect sports-luxe sneakers to modernise your daily outfit.


Congo is an excellent option from the Spendless NZ collection. These feature pinhole detailing on top and a black-and-white aesthetic design. 


The thick sole and laced upper provide all-day security and comfort for your feet. Enjoy an additional 2.5 cm height brought to you by the platform sole. Wear these shoes with your favourite jeans and basics for a chill, laid-back look. 


Style 3—Trainers


Valuing your health is essential, so physical fitness activities are necessary. Trainers are casual shoes with essential components and features to absorb the impact of vigourous movements. 


These sneakers are ideal for HIIT or CrossFit workouts, which usually involve jumping, burpees, jogging in place, and all other high-impact exercises.


Fawn will motivate you to workout with its adjustable lace-up fit, sporty sole, and ankle padding for comfort. These will be an ideal match for your athleisure clothes, with their different patterns and contrasting colours. Slay your fitness goals with Fawn at your feet!


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Add a water and stain protection spray that ensures your sneakers last longer. It adds an invisible layer to the women's shoes, preventing liquids and dirt from seeping through them.