These Kids' School Shoes Double as the Perfect Shoes for a Part-Time Job… Here's Why!

Is your child balancing their academic life and part-time work responsibilities? As parents, you can't help but worry if they are doing well and would want to help in any way possible. One way to ease their days is to provide them with kids' school shoes that can double as footwear for their part-time work. This way, your child does not have to bring an extra pair to change into. With kids' school shoes to take them from the classroom to their jobs, they can head to their workplace immediately after the last bell rings. 

You're likely asking if the kids' school shoes are suitable for their part-time jobs and able to provide enough protection. Usually, students who work after school take on jobs at food establishments, serving food, delivering it, and ensuring excellent and timely service to customers. Because this is the case, you want to ensure the kids' school shoes have the necessary features. If you purchased their academic footwear from Spendless New Zealand, you could sleep better at night knowing your child is safe daily. By providing them with kids' school shoes that can double as academic and work footwear, you help them manage their busy schedule better so that your child can focus on their tasks. Thankfully, the Spendless NZ collection has the characteristics to do that. With the help of the Spendless NZ team, let's discover why these kids' school shoes are up for the task. Let's start!


1. They Are Black


Most academic institutions require students to wear black kids' school shoes with their uniforms. Black exudes formality and professionalism. It's excellent that students learn about this early to understand the significance of looking presentable in the real world. The proper kids' school shoes teach them the value of leaving a positive impression behind. 

And since most food service establishments value the same things, their black academic footwear is more than appropriate for the dress code requirements. Moreover, black kids' school shoes are less likely to show dirt or scuff marks, a feature perfect for part-time workers constantly dealing with food. Working in the food service industry will expose your child to food and drink spillage. But with black kids' school shoes hiding the dirt, your child has enough time to clean them when they get home before anyone notices.


2. They Provide Traction


The Spendless NZ collection of kids' school shoes is perfect for part-time jobs that deal with food, liquids, and slippery surfaces. The brand knows students must move fast and reach their next class on time. Younger students love playing outside on wet, soft, or uneven surfaces. The options have grooved soles that provide excellent grip, ensuring that everyone wearing Spendless NZ kids' school shoes is safe. This feature prevents slips and falls, enabling your child to walk steadily without worrying that their footwear will fail them.

The same feature will work excellently for part-time workers exposed to food, liquid spillage, and waxed, shiny floors. Our kids' school shoes will enable your child to carry trays of food and drinks without falling or slipping into an accident. 


3. They Have A Customisable Fit


Several options in the Spendless NZ collection have fastenings that provide a secure and adjustable fit. The kids' school shoes ensure your child remains cosy during their shift, giving them control over the fit. After a few hours on the job, they prefer a looser fit to give their feet breathing space. Whether the kids' school shoes have touch-fastening straps, buckles, or laces, each kind provides the maximum comfort necessary during long hours on their feet.

Besides adjustability, fastenings keep the footwear in place. The last thing we want to happen is for their feet to slip out of the kids' school shoes while they are moving around and carrying trays of food. This feature guarantees that your child can perform their school and work duties effectively and comfortably. 


4. They Are Durable


Your child's continuous movements will expose the school shoes to the wear and tear of constant use. Can you imagine wearing their academic footwear daily for hours, from morning until they finish their work shift at night?

Because Spendless NZ uses durable materials like leather and vegan in its kids' school shoes, the footwear can handle classroom and workplace demands without falling apart quickly. It can also endure inclement weather, ensuring your child can attend school and work even in cold, rainy weather. With kids' school shoes from Spendless NZ, your child can expect them to last longer and provide reliable performance.


5. They Are Affordable


At Spendless NZ, we commit to providing your child with top-notch experience in school and at work. Our reliable collection of kids' school shoes can give them everything they need to excel, including a presentable image, safe movements, a comfortable fit, and a long-lasting experience. But if you think the benefits of shopping at Spendless NZ end here, you are in for more surprises.

Parents think that, with the features we enumerated, the brand's collection of kids' school shoes is worth an arm and a leg. But that is not the case. The brand commits to providing affordable options for everyone, ensuring they get what they need and stay within their budget. Available in five price ranges, your child can maximise their kids' school shoes and save on the money they earn from their part-time job. The best part about shopping at Spendless NZ is its flexible payment system, which allows you to purchase kids' school shoes now and pay later instalments. Not only is the footwear premium quality, but it also gives you value for money.

Contact our customer care team if you need help selecting back-to-school shoes that will work correctly for your child's daily school and work errands. Your queries will be addressed anytime because our team is working extended hours. In addition, you can enjoy amazing rewards, like 10% off your first purchase, and you will receive updates on our new styles sent to your inbox when you sign up for an account. We are proud to be one of the top online shopping destinations for kids because of our user-friendly menu shop.

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Spendless NZ is the Best Companion for School and Work!


Ensure your child's performance with the help of kid's school shoes from Spendless NZ. Purchase an instant shine and a water and stain protection spray to ensure their footwear looks perfect and lasts longer. Go to the nearest retail store or shop online. Continue shopping!