These Men's Casual Shoes Will Elevate His Smart Casual Work Wardrobe!

If you thought only women considered what they wore to work, you were mistaken! Guys are also updated with the latest trends and would love to have these pieces in their wardrobe. And because businesses are letting go of the dress code, smart casual is fast becoming the norm.


If you are looking for the hottest styles of men's casual shoes, here at Spendless, you will find a wide range of styles and new styles that are comfortable yet durable. Like other brands, Hush Puppies, Wild Rhinos, and Skechers have relaxed styles that cater to your taste.


They're the ultimate versatile shoes. In effect, there's an increase in interest in men's casual shoes. We would not be surprised, especially since the men's casual shoes at Spendless NZ are so versatile that they are perfect for work.


New Zealanders live an active lifestyle and love their footwear to serve several purposes, not just work. From men's boat shoes to men's casual slip-on shoes, we offer contemporary designs, colours, and materials for the modern man on the move who's looking for the best men's casual shoes.


While the work wardrobe is the main priority, guys love it if they can use their men's casual shoes for other activities. These activities may include going on dates, hanging out with friends, playing sports, visiting family, working out, and doing chores. So, yes, it's very comfortable and has a relaxed style.


 In addition, the touch or lace-ups fastening will ensure your feet stay safe and secure all day. We at Spendless NZ know how overwhelming it can be to choose a pair of men's casual shoes. So, to make your life easier, we will give you a rundown of the different footwear you can get from Spendless.


Our men's casual shoes come in the following colours: black, blue, brown, natural, tan, and white. In addition, our brands' shop has a high volume of stock of new styles of men's casual shoes.


So, ditch your old pairs of hush puppies, wild rhino, and Skechers and invest with those kicks. The best thing about these men's favourites brand is that you can style them with a wide range of outfits suitable for any occasion. All of these go well with most of your work clothes.


These colours are a breeze to mix and match. All you need to do is read through them and choose which one catches your fancy.


Style 1 - Loafers


Loafers are a form of men's casual shoes that go well with suits, button-downs, and shirts, which are perfect for an informal day at work. Perfect for New Zealand's spring and summer seasons, this perfect-for-work footwear will look good with a light blazer. If you are stylish, you can check out Men's Casual Shoes. Take easy from boat shoes to desert boots, high tops, and lace-ups with our great selection of men's casual footwear.


You can make it into an accent piece, wherein you let their colour pop to bring an outfit together. A perfect company for an Auckland workday may consist of these men's casual shoes paired with chinos. You can add a blazer or a collared shirt for a more elegant vibe. If you want to be more stylish, use an online shop. Using our clear filters, you can search by brand, style, styles, lace, and colour like brown, grey, and tan. Most men find tan and grey are easy to pair in any black suit.


Some wonder about the appropriateness of wearing socks with them. We at Spendless NZ will make things easier for you and provide you with answers. We suggest you ditch the socks because they are not recommendable with these men's casual shoes. Unlike sneakers, you can wear socks all the time.


However, if you must wear socks to avoid blisters and others, we suggest using a pair of invisible socks, which you can find in our socks and laces section. And because they look dapper, wear them for some after-work drinks with colleagues.


Style 2 - Slip-On


The slip-on is considered the trendier men's casual shoes from Spendless NZ. The footwear's name alludes to how rapidly you can put them on. These men's casual shoes have no laces and take less than 10 seconds to put on and take off.


Convenient for occasions when you are already running late to work, perhaps? So, what are you waiting for? Add this to your cart and enjoy every step of your feet. The versatility of these men's casual shoes provides you with more outfit options.


In addition, they are perfect for warmer seasons like spring and summer because they are lightweight and designed for better air circulation.

These men's casual shoes are so versatile that you can wear them for a quick after-work dinner in one of the best restaurants in Wellington.


You don't need to change to dressier footwear because they will do.

Are you already daydreaming about how you will turn heads once you wear these men's casual shoes to work? If so, grab a pair from Spendless NZ.


It's a must-have pair of kicks in our eyes! You can add this to your wishlist! Whether in-store or online,you can take some to try on our footwear before buying it. Fill your empty cart with these comfortable men's shoes.


Style 3 - Boots


New Zealand is known for having extreme weather, where it's possible to experience all four seasons in one day. As such, you will need a pair of men's casual shoes that withstand inclement weather. If there is one pair you HAVE to purchase from Spendless NZ, this is it.


So head to the spendless shoe website today and add these to your wishlist. Or check out the nearest store to see the different styles and shop for your favourite men's shoes. It combines style, versatility, and comfort.


Our collection of boots at Spendless NZ includes laced ankle boots. From its name, these boots reach as high as or just a bit above the ankles. Ideal for both work and after-work activities, these men's casuals go well with a pair of denim jeans and a button-down shirt or sweater.


Layer on a scarf or coat if the weather is a bit chilly. These men's casual shoes are suitable for all seasons, especially during winter. Because they reach up to your ankles, they give your feet the warmth, comfort, and support they need to get through the cold season.


Size and availability will not be a problem at Spendless NZ. Clear filters will guide you to view the right size of your feet. Our men's casual shoes come in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. use clear filters online for the right shoe sizes. Likewise, boat shoes too.


If unsure of your size, do check our size guide. Our sizing system goes by Australian standards. You can compare Spendless NZ sizes with their US, UK, and EU counterparts to affirm the size that suits you best.


Another brand, like hush puppies, is the same size as other countries.


Proper Care for Your Men's Casual Shoes


Once you've bought the perfect pair of men's casual shoes for work, you must make them last (longer). While you can't keep them forever, you must get your money's worth and make the most of it. These are your sole mates, and you want them with you as much as possible.


The longer you use it, you can save time and money for long.

So our team at Spendless NZ gathered pertinent information to help you. Please read on.


  1. Keep your footwear away from moisture. This tip is essential as moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which destroys the material of your men's casual shoes. It's a pity you discover they're already ruined when you're about to use the pair.


  1. Keep them dust-free. Dust buildup can cause men's casual shoes to lose their natural colour and appear worn out. To keep them looking new, polish and clean your shoes frequently.


  1. Store them properly. Avoid using plastic or cardboard shoe boxes when storing your men's casual shoes because they inhibit air circulation. Instead, we suggest using bags made of breathable fabric.


Are you ready for your men's casual shoes?


Check out your nearest store and look at the items that are best for your upcoming occasions. More styles and new styles of Men's casual shoes are coming to our shop. Are you ready to commit to more fashionable and comfortable work footwear for informal days?


You can buy a pair from the nearest stockist or the Spendless NZ online store. An online store is easy by using filters and options categories.

Our flexible payment systems, like Afterpay and Zip, give you the option to buy now and pay later.


Just sign in and sign out for your order of the item. In addition, you can earn a point if you connect thru an online shop. Visit our brands' shops and continue shopping with us. Shop now!