These Men's Sneakers Are Loved by Men of All Ages!

These are some of the most popular shoe styles around. The growing sneakerhead community worldwide is a testament to the massive clamour for this footwear. With new styles and designs coming out almost every week, everyone's always looking for something to add to their collection.


However, only select styles of this shoe are popular for guys of all ages. Some aesthetics cater only to the younger ones, while the older prefer a more subdued style. But Spendless New Zealand men's sneakers are a different lot. Each pair has a classic elegance and versatility that encompasses all ages.


These shoes, also called (running shoes), runners or trainers interchangeably, have stood the test of time, with each generation appreciating their beauty. Discover what makes them so with the Spendless NZ team's help. From there, we proceed with the styles that guys of all ages love. Let's do it!


Why Men's Sneakers Are In


One word to perfectly describe this shoe is enduring. Guys of all ages have at least one pair they keep using until the shoes break down. These have always been their top fashion choice because of the following reasons:


  • Comfort


Spendless NZ has various kinds of running shoes specific to the sport or activity because of their convenience. Different intensities require varied levels of support, which the brand can provide. With comfort as a top priority, the Spendless NZ men's sneakers offer cushioning, materials, and adjustable fastenings that ensure it.


  • Versatility


Guys love shoes that give them more bang for their buck. You can wear Spendless NZ sneakers to various events, saving you from buying a new shoe for each one. For instance, you can wear these shoes on casual Fridays at work, then head straight to dinner and drinks. Use the same shoes when you run errands on weekends.


  • Current trend


Guys of all ages get updated with the current trends. The only difference is that interest in runners is not fleeting. While some shoe trends for a season or two, these shoes will be around for a long time. Some even return after a few years, so the style you loved as a kid will be something you can wear again as an adult.


  • A fashion statement


Sneakers were initially used for sports, ensuring the players remained safe and stable. Over time, the same style has gone from the courts to the streets, elevating a guy's look and vibe. Wearing a pair is a status symbol, implicitly telling the world that you have a taste for the good stuff. More than functional footwear, these shoes have evolved into fashionable ones as well.


  • Easy to maintain


Most guys avoid complicated things; if maintaining something takes several steps, they'd let those go. It's the reason why kids and adults love them because they're easy to maintain. Guys can look good with little effort.


Spendless NZ Styles


Spendless New Zealand has three sneaker categories: skate/casual, trainers, and sports-specific. But to make it easier for you to find men's trainers that all ages like, we'll highlight styles that deserve a spot in your closet. That way, you can find what you need based on your lifestyle.


When it comes to mens sneakers, you may be familiar with top brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Converse All-Star, New Balance, Vans, Puma, Asics, Adidas originals (Adidas men's sneakers), and Nike on the market. But if you're looking for something more affordable without compromising on quality or comfort, Spendless Shoes has the best running shoes and sneakers. 


Style 1 – White Men's Sneakers


This trend has been going on for years and has not shown any signs of dwindling. White sneakers are popular for young and old generations because of their classic and timeless look, which is always in style. Children with sneakerhead parents would likely start their appreciation for the type at a young age. We've seen families wearing matching white runners while travelling together. Isn't that cute?


Another reason guys love white runners is their clean aesthetic, giving off a fresh appearance that elevates an outfit effortlessly. Since guys are creatures of habit, they stick to a design and vibe they have already proven to make them look good. Kids, teens, and adults discovered that these shoes match most of their clothes and make preparing for an activity easier.


Henley from the Spendless NZ white shoe collection is a best-seller. These have everything you need to guarantee a stylish, comfortable, and supportive activity. Henley has breathable materials that keep your feet fresh and sweat-free all day. The ankle padding and laces ensure a comfortable and adjustable fit to last extended hours on your feet.


Style 2 – Football/Rugby


New Zealand's love for the outdoors, including sports activities, is evident everywhere. Kids, teens, and adults love football and rugby. Some remain as spectators while others play them, with players starting young. This sport is intense and would need a specific kind of shoes. Thankfully, Spendless NZ has one that everyone loves using.


These provide traction, performance, and protection for the game's needs. The shoe's most famous feature is the cleats or studs, which function on grass or turf surfaces. These provide traction and stability while players make quick direction changes and sudden stops.


More importantly, these shoes consider the usual risks and injuries of the sport. As such, these offer ankle support and cushioning, so you can enjoy the game without worrying about accidents.


Tournament, aptly named, is the brand's footwear for the sport. Win the game effortlessly with these on you. It uses durable, vegan-friendly materials to withstand the game's rough environment. These shoes from Spendless NZ have cleat spikes, which perform under extreme pressure, grip tightly on surfaces, and keep you stable while you change directions.


And since you'll be dealing with soil, mud, and dirt, please ensure you clean them immediately upon getting home. Letting the muck harden and stay long on your shoes destroys the material. It would be a waste to let go of something extraordinary!


Are You One of Them?


Looking good and being safe should start at an early age. The men's runners, trainers or sneakers at Spendless NZ will ensure you get value for your money (check out our low price point). 


Head to the nearest retailer or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!