These Men's Sneakers Are Necessary for Your Wardrobe!

Men's sneakers have taken the world by storm, as proven by how big the sneakerhead community has grown. If you look at your social media accounts right now, you'll see many posts showing off their collections.


Guys are creatures of habit, so once they discover something that fits their lifestyle, they stick to it and get different styles. So you can imagine how vast men's sneaker collections have become.


Do you plan on starting and growing your collection?


If yes, you came to the right place because the men's sneakers at Spendless Shoes New Zealand are necessary for your wardrobe! With the help of our team at Spendless, you can get your hands on the best footwear.


We curated the latest and trendiest mens sneakers to keep you in the loop. Read on to discover fantastic pairs to add to your running shoe collection.


Style 1—The Minimalist White Shoes


White sneakers are necessary for your wardrobe because they make everything look fresh and will never clash with anything you own! Men's white sneakers go with anything, whatever the outfit or the event!


These shoes are versatile because they can be casual one day and dressy the next. We've witnessed grooms wear sneakers with suits on their wedding day! As such, if you must pick only one, then this style should be it!


Spendless Shoes New Zealand has six different white sneakers available. You can choose from high tops, slip-ons, and even lace-ups. One way to style this footwear is to pair it with chinos, a polo, and no socks. The key is to keep them spotless and go for styles with a thin sole and little decoration.


Style 2—Skate/Casual


The support for men's skate and casual sneakers is massive, even when they first catered only to skaters. Nowadays, even non-skaters are fans of these shoes. Who could blame them?


Anyone with a taste for style will find the design of these sneakers attractive, particularly their flat soles and oversized tongue. However, these exciting features serve a purpose aside from creating a unique look for the shoe.


For instance, the flat soles of these sneakers help the skaters feel the board beneath them easier. Meanwhile, the oversized tongue protects the skaters from injuries while doing tricks.


Keep these shoes in your wardrobe because they are stylish and a great asset to your wardrobe rotation. You can choose from four easy-to-match colours available at Spendless Shoes New Zealand: black, brown, grey, and white. Styling options include pairing these shoes with jeans and shorts.


Style 3—Sports Specific


The sports-specific sneakers at Spendless New Zealand focus on two of the country's most beloved sports: hiking and football or rugby. It's undeniable how well-loved these two sports are in the country, and they deserve footwear specific to them.


As a spectator or a participating athlete in either of the two, you must get a pair of these to add to your wardrobe because you never know when you might need them.


Look at New Zealand's beautiful outdoors and tell us it doesn't entice you to go hiking. The Milford Track in Queenstown is a famous New Zealand trail walk. You need to wear the right shoes when doing this physically demanding sport.


The second kind of sport-specific trainers is a tribute to rugby, or football, New Zealand's national sport. This sport necessitates quick changes in direction. As such, you will need a pair of specialised shoes.


The unique aspect of these shoes comes from the cleats! Rugby players need cleats because they give them a grip on the field and help them keep their footing when changing directions. Injuries are never good, so avoid them!


Style 4—Trainers


If you're active and do exercises that require you to move from side to side, you need a pair of trainers. In addition, a pair will undoubtedly support your feet when you work out.


Trainers provide an excellent cushion for your feet when you execute jumping exercises. These Spendless New Zealand pairs are a must-have if you enjoy HIIT and CrossFit workouts at the gym.


You can choose from any of the four colours available: black, blue, grey, and white. These colours accompany all your athletic wear, ensuring you always look your best, even at the gym! When purchasing a pair of these men's trainers, keep a lookout for the following:


  • It's crucial that your heel doesn't slip and that your toes have enough space to spread out.
  • Look for shoes with cushioning to assist your arch.
  • Confirm they have thick, wide outsoles that will hold your foot in place while you move from side to side during a workout.


How to Maintain Your Collection of Men's Sneakers


Sneakerheads will be proud to tell you how careful they are with their sneakers and how much work they put into them. They sacrificed time and money to ensure their shoes lasted longer than average. However, owning these shoes is a commitment, and here are some simple steps you need to take now and then.


  • Use warm water and soft cloths for light cleaning.
  • Never soak them in water.
  • Dry your shoes at room temperature.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place.
  • For the laces, wash them in soapy water, then rinse well. Finally, hang them up to dry.
  • When cleaning the insoles, use warm, soapy water and a brush.


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