These Men's Sneakers are Trending… Here's Why!

Have you checked your social media lately? Did you notice that more guys are sharing their various shoe collections? This is because more men admit to being sneakerheads, which is a real thing.


Men are truly fashionable when it comes to their favourite brands' shoes. Spendless NZ ensures the most comfortable shoes, like other Adidas men's sneakers brands. In addition, guys tend to collect things, from rare collector's items to apparel from their favourite movies, TV shows, and sports icons.


And men's sneakers are no exception. We've heard of long queues and paying exorbitant amounts to get their hands on new releases. Likewise, men's sneakers, especially.


The world has undeniably embraced the men's sneaker craze, which is understandable given how fashionable, cozy, and functional they are. So we can see why men's sneakers are popular now. The Spendless Shoes New Zealand crew is on alert and keeping track of the increasing demand and trending designs.


Also, most women are looking for running shoes that can be used for outdoor activities. So, ditch your old pairs of sneakers like Adidas, new balance, Nike, vans, Tommy Hilfiger, converse, puma, reebok, polo ralph Lauren, and even Adidas originals and invest in those kicks.


New sign-ups are free delivery to any shop near you. In addition, we curated the latest and trending men's sneakers to keep you in the loop. Read on to discover new pairs you can add to your collection.


Style 1 - The Minimalist White Shoes


White men's sneakers are a trending style because they make everything look fresh. There's no reason to worry about the pair clashing with anything because they never will. Men's white sneakers go with anything, whatever the outfit or the event!


Likewise, choose your favourite brands of men's white sneakers like Adidas originals, polo ralphs Lauren, new balance, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, puma, reebok or all other brands that are suitable for your feet.


These shoes are versatile because they can be casual one day and dressy another. Some even pair these men's sneakers with suits. If you can only pick one pair of shoes to invest your money in, choose this one. These are also the favourite brand's shoe collections of women in other countries.


Fill your empty cart with these comfortable shoes that you can wear for long hours. Spendless Shoes New Zealand has six different white men's sneakers available. You can take your pick from lace-ups, slip on, and even high-tops.


The secret is to keep them very clean and choose designs with little embellishment, a thin sole, and those that don't appear as if they belong in the gym. One way to style these men's sneakers is to pair them with chinos, a polo shirt, and no socks. However, if you must wear socks, opt for the invisible ones.


We have available pairs on the socks and laces page of Spendless Shoes New Zealand.


Style 2 - Skate/Casual


The popularity of skate/casual men's sneakers has been rising. The audience has expanded beyond the original target demographic of skaters to include anyone drawn to the shoe's flat sole and huge tongue look. This style keeps trending, with more guys becoming obsessed with this fashion staple and adding them to their wardrobe rotation.


Let's examine the qualities of these men's sneakers to understand why they are trending. But first, did you notice these shoes' flat and thick soles? They are like that, so it would be easier for the skater to feel the board beneath them.


Another prominent feature is the noticeable big tongue of these men's sneakers, which protects the skaters from injuries while doing skating tricks. Styling options include pairing these shoes with jeans and shorts. In addition, you can choose from the four colours available at Spendless Shoes New Zealand.


The colours include black, brown, grey, and white are all easy to match with whatever is in your wardrobe closet. On a side note, there are several skate parks in Auckland and all over New Zealand where you might find guys in these shoes. Check them out!


Style 3 - Sports Specific


The sports-specific men's sneakers target two sports that New Zealanders love: hiking shoes and football shoes. It's undeniable how well-loved these two sports are in the country. No wonder these styles are trending! Our stores have a complete collection of these and other brands during the new season.


Whether as a spectator or a participating athlete in any of the two, you can buy a pair from Spendless Shoes New Zealand. Both sports are physically demanding, so adequate foot support is essential.

To live in New Zealand and not go on a hiking trip even once is a sin.


The beautiful outdoors always entice individuals to hike and be more active. For instance, the Milford Track in Queenstown is a famous New Zealand trail walk. But, of course, you must wear the appropriate men's sneakers to achieve such a feat.


Therefore, any brands like Adidas men's sneakers, as long as running shoes like these, are best for this outdoor activity. Although the alpine and fiord scenery is beautiful, we wouldn't want to risk our feet. The second type is a homage to rugby or football, New Zealand's national sport.


Because this activity necessitates swift direction changes, specialized men's sneakers are necessary. Not wearing the correct shoes can have dire consequences, especially for your ankle and knee joints. In addition, cleats are essential to these men's sneakers because they prevent the Players that wear cleats can sprint more quickly and keeping their balance.


Style 4 - Trainers


Trainers will always trend because guys live an active lifestyle and love to work out. Men's training sneakers help you stay stable and balanced while engaging in exercises that call for lateral movements. They provide an excellent cushion for your feet when you execute jumping exercises.


These men's sneakers are the best choice for HIIT workouts in the gym, given all the movements we listed. So get ahold of any of the four colours available for these men's sneakers. Whether black, blue, grey, or white, you will find one that fits your personality.


Collect all colours and styles. The price is very affordable. If you're a gym addict, get a pair of these men's sneakers from Spendless Shoes NZ.


More to look out for when purchasing a pair of men's training sneakers:


  1. It's important that your toes have adequate room to spread out and that your heel doesn't slip.


  1. Select men's sneakers that provide cushioning to support your arch.


  1. Check if the footwear has thick and wide outsoles designed to keep your foot in place as you move from side to side.


How to Maintain Your Prized Pair of Shoes?

Ask any sneakerhead, and they'll probably tell you how much time (and money) they've spent ensuring their men's sneakers live longer than your average shoe. So here are simple steps you need to do now and then.


  1. Use warm water and soft cloths for light cleaning.
  2. Never soak men's sneakers in water.
  3. Dry your shoes at room temperature.
  4. Store your men's sneakers in a cool and dry place.
  5. For the laces, wash them in soapy water, then rinse well. Finally, hang them up to dry.
  6. When cleaning the insoles, use warm soapy water and a brush.


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