Tips For Dressing Smart Casual For the Modern Wellington Man!


Dress smart this season with men’s casual shoes!

Spendless is here to guide Wellington locals towards their ideal set! See some of our most popular choices down below!


Sandals are a pleasant place to start this season


In spring and summer, these are the men’s casual shoes that you should be thinking about! We have gladiators, Birkenstock-inspired slides, slip-on styles, and jandals for you to peruse this season. There are too many sandal-style men’s casual shoes to go through in-depth now, but we’re confident that you can find your best match amongst this collection!


Remember to dress for the weather!


As much as we love sandals and slides at Spendless, you should keep New Zealand’s wild and weird weather in mind before you start buying men’s casual shoes. If your feet can handle a bit of breeze through your open-toed men’s casual shoes, then feel free to ignore us. Otherwise, you might be better grabbing something fully-enclosed. We wouldn’t say no to dressing warmly in your men’s casual shoes either!


You can’t go wrong with our trendy loafers!


What should you wear when formal footwear is off the table and trainers would be sloppy? You grab our loafers, of course! Textured men’s casual shoes have been a massive hit this season, and the woven material gives a fresh feel. At Spendless, we have ones that slip-on or lace-up, so the choice of fastenings is all yours. Stop your collection of men's casual shoes from stagnating by introducing design into the fold. There's no shortage of places you can wear these, after all. 


Boots could be another great pick! 


Cold snaps aren’t unheard of during summer and spring, so it’s always handy to have some men’s casual shoes around that can handle that. Our shiny ankle boots could be your perfect pick in this case. Our favourites come with laced uppers and side zips, so you can get the laced aesthetic without having to do them up. These men’s casual shoes look great with a jacket or top in a matching colour, so dressing them is no trouble either.  


What about active men’s casual shoes?


Depending on what sort of day or night that you have planned, you might take some sneakers or trainers out to play instead. As classy and sleek as dressy pairs are, our sportier men’s casual shoes can be a lot more fun! For starters, they have more of a tread on the base, which means you’re guaranteed a supportive and stable time. Remember, you don’t have to go for a hike up Mount Victoria to wear these! Unlike our regular sneakers, our men’s casual shoes won’t look out of place if you dress up for the occasion. And, if you go out to party, wander around the city, or spend your time outdoors, the extra grip on our active footwear is a major bonus.


Trendy trainers and slim sneakers are the ideal men’s casual shoes if you’ve got a soft spot for athleisure wear. Our active styles will make you look like you’re ready for anything, and make sure that you are! See where your next adventure out on the town ends up when you try our sporty men’s casual shoes! As far as styling these goes, we think your next pair would be a sharp match with your best skinny jeans, a favourite tee, and a leather jacket on top.


Find men’s casual shoes that inspire you this season!


Spendless has the ideal style waiting for you, we guarantee it! Enjoy our vast collection, affordable prices, and quick delivery time when you order men’s casual shoes online with us!