Tips for Finding the Perfect Boys' School Shoes This Season!

Finding the perfect boys' school shoes is essential because it can affect their academic experience. 


If they don't like the style or fit, expect several challenging mornings where you will chase them around the house, hoping they'll relent and wear the footwear. 


This reason alone is enough to send parents into a frenzy, planning the perfect time to shop for school shoes and researching the features they must have.


Spendless New Zealand has witnessed it all, especially during the days leading to the start of a new academic year. We've seen parents rushing around, children throwing hissy fits, and long lines of paying customers. 


Because of this, we understand the parents' need for tips on finding the perfect shoes this season. 


The good news is that we're here to help. The team from Spendless NZ has gathered all you need in one place to make the shopping trip easy for you. Please read on to learn everything you can about school shoes. 


Tip 1—Pick the Best Time to Go Shopping


One of the mistakes parents make when shopping for shoes is leaving their child at home. Most of them reason that the task is faster and more peaceful without the kid around. However, since your child will use them, they must be present to try them on. 


Since it can be challenging to shop when the store is busy with other customers, scheduling your shopping trip on a weekday afternoon when everyone else is at work is best. Weekends are the worst time to go since people have free time.


We emphasise the need to do it in the afternoon when your child's feet are at their maximum size. Your kid's daily activities and movements cause their feet to swell, and you must account for the swelling in size. 


Tip 2—Take the Correct Measurements for the Proper Fit


Correct measurements are essential to providing your child with a comfortable academic experience. Ill-fitting shoes can affect their concentration and health, causing blisters and other foot deformities they can carry into adulthood. 


Please remember the significance of shopping in the afternoon. Apart from that, you need to measure the width and length of the left and right feet separately. 


Since getting their measurements can be tricky, you can always take your child to a professional.


A podiatrist can do it for you and suggest which shoes are ideal for your child's foot type. Alternatively, you can also seek help from trained in-store staff to measure your child's feet and recommend the style available in that size. With our extensive size range, you are likely to find the perfect fit!


It's critical that when you take your child shopping, you let them wear the socks they are wearing together with the shoes because the thickness of the socks can also affect the fit. 


Tip 3—Know the Essential Features


An ideal pair of shoes should have all the necessary features to provide students with comfort, support, and durability. 


When selecting academic footwear for your child, it's important to consider more than just appearance, which is often the focus of other brands.


To ensure your child performs at their best, look for the following key elements:


  • The materials impact durability. You want the footwear to stay intact while they are in the middle of activities and games. Spendless NZ uses leather or vegan-friendly materials. Materials also ensure breathability and insulation—characteristics needed to address New Zealand's extreme weather unpredictability.

  • Having enough toe room is essential so your child's toes can spread naturally, affecting their balance and stability. Choose rounded or squared toes; these shapes do not squeeze your child's toes. Constant squeezing and rubbing are uncomfortable and can result in blisters, clawing, and other foot deformities. 

  • Check if they have fastenings for adjustability. It's essential to have this so your child can tighten or loosen the fit as needed. The school shoes at Spendless NZ use two kinds of fastening: touch-fastening straps or laces. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, both secure the footwear and provide your child with comfort.

  • Playground and classroom activities require your child to move around and sometimes execute rough actions. As such, they need shoes that provide grip and traction to keep them steady and standing. The footwear should protect them from soft, slippery, muddy, or uneven surfaces.


Tip 4—Explore Online Shopping for KIds' School Shoes


If you have not tried online shopping, you're missing out on a lot. It offers convenience and ease, which busy parents will appreciate. 


Instead of rushing to the store to catch it before closing time, parents can buy the new school shoes online, even at midnight, in their pyjamas. Parents can compare prices, use the filters, and read the descriptions from the comfort of their own homes.


You can check out and have all your child's needs, including socks and laces, delivered at home without spending money on gas or time commuting. 


And because Spendless NZ understands the need to stay within the budget, it offers customers discount coupons, and there's always a huge range of discounted products and sales on selected styles,


It's a bonus you must grab because it further reduces the price, which is already affordable. And more importantly, the flexible payment systems at Spendless NZ allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. 


With all the many benefits at your fingertips, such as quality and affordability, there's nothing more you can ask for.


Tip 5—Get Your Child's Input


When you take your child shopping, you must get their feedback on the shoes. Do they fit right? Do they like the style? Is it something they will love wearing every day? 


These questions are essential because you don't want your little ones to resent them. Their input will help you determine their taste and what's acceptable to their peers, boosting their self-confidence. 


Apply What You Learned! 


All the tips shared make shopping for the perfect academic footwear this season easier. Find all you need at Spendless NZ. Head to the nearest retailer or try shopping online for more discounts!


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