Tips For Getting Your Child To Enjoy School!


Our kids’ school shoes will make sure that your child starts and finishes their day with a smile! Learning can be difficult without your footwear causing you trouble on the field or with teachers. So, Spendless is here to help everyone take a step in the right direction with their kids’ school shoes.  


Are sore feet slowing your child down? 


At Spendless, we want every child to get the best comfort and wear out of our kids’ school shoes. But sometimes, our built-in support features aren’t enough. If your child has sensitive feet and starts getting achy after a busy day in the classroom, then our inserts will be an excellent add-on during your next shopping trip. Our innersoles, gel cushions, and other care accessories slide straight inside and rest on the bottom of your kids’ school shoes, providing an extra layer of padding for little feet.


Please keep it in mind, however, that if your child needs prescribed orthotics to treat a more complex foot issue, then our innersoles are not substitutes. But, if all your kids’ school shoes need is an extra-spongy base, then gel or fabric innersoles will be a great choice! Our innersoles will make sure that your kids’ school shoes bring long-lasting comfort, and get your child through the day without straining their developing muscles. 


Make sure your kids’ school shoes are up to the task


Team sports can be lots of fun, but not when you’re skidding, sliding, and tripping all over the place. When you buy your kids’ school shoes for sports games and PE class, make sure they’re fit with proper grip. Check the bottom of our trainers, and you’ll see that most styles come with specially-engineered soles that improve traction and grip on slippery surfaces. If you expect your child to play their best on muddy fields during a downpour, or ultra-slippery sports courts inside, then they need kids’ school shoes that are up to the challenge!


At Spendless, our active styles are ready to go. We have a mix of laced and touch-fastening styles, so students of all ages can enjoy the best stability and comfort from our kids’ school shoes. Better still, we provide a vast range of options for students, including black, white, and multicoloured designs. 


Is your child having problems with teachers?


If your little student doesn’t enjoy getting in trouble for having a scruffy uniform, then cleaning your kids’ school shoes is the best way to fix the problem. These days, even younger children get held to strict dress codes and standards while they’re in the classroom. In extreme cases, a dirty pair of kids’ school shoes or a rumpled uniform can land them in lunchtime detentions. At best, getting in trouble for something so minor is embarrassing. At worst, that small infringement from your kids’ school shoes can spark animosity between them and their teachers.


So, if you want to make sure that your child doesn’t miss out on their break or get put on notice by teachers, then pay attention to the state of their uniform. You can scrub dirt, grass and grime off of your kids’ school shoes using our Instant Shine Sponge. As its name suggests, our sponge works fast and leaves kids’ school shoes looking fresh and shiny. If you want to stop your child from getting penalised for poor self-presentation, then our care accessories are essential. Back-up our Instant Shine with polish for your kids’ school shoes, and they’ll be looking proper in no time!


Treat yourself to ease of mind and your children to a fresh start 


Keep all these things in mind during your next shopping trip, and we’re sure your kids’ school shoes will be up for anything!