Tips for Maintaining Boys' School Shoes

Finding your child's perfect boys' school shoes from a huge range is a feat, and we congratulate you. We know how challenging it can be, so now that you've found the boys' academic shoes for your child, you must ensure they stay longer. 


You should avoid purchasing a new one often because it can be time- and budget-consuming. More importantly, maintaining boys' school shoes is a good exercise in responsibility that you can teach your young son. With your guidance, your child will learn to be more careful with their things. 


These simple steps will teach them patience, time management, and love for their boys' academic shoes. With the help of the team from Spendless New Zealand, who know academic footwear like the back of their hands, we'll give you a rundown of how you can maintain boys' academic shoes. Let's start!


1. Protect at the onset


Maintenance of boys' school shoes begins the day you bring them home and unbox them. Use a water and stain protection spray to add an invisible layer that protects the footwear. The spray prevents fluids and dirt from seeping through the material, giving your child enough time to wipe them off. It would help if you reapplied this protection to the footwear as it wears off.


2. Regular cleaning


Dirt can deteriorate the material of the boys school shoes, so please don't let it settle there. Make it a practice to wipe down the dirt and grime once your child gets home. Knock the school shoes together so loose soil can fall off. It's best to do it outside and leave the dirt there. Next, wipe off the muck and ensure you reach the crevices and corners.


3. Dry them properly


New Zealand's erratic weather will expose your child and their school shoes to rain and other natural elements, which can affect the longevity of the footwear. Once moisture stays inside the shoe, it can cause bacterial and fungal buildup or, worse, a foul smell. As such, you must dry the footwear properly.


Dry the footwear naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun and radiator heaters. You can hasten the process by using newspapers. This household item has absorption capabilities, so stuff it inside the footwear. Replace the newspaper every few hours to quicken the drying process further.


4. Polish periodically


Scuffs are natural, and polishing the school shoes is the best way to address them. Choose polish in the same colour as the footwear. Doing this will keep the academic shoes looking bright and clean. Apply a small amount of polish to a soft sponge or cloth and buff in circular motions.


Imagine the teasing and embarrassment your child can get when he goes to class with scuffs on his footwear. Impressions matter; your son must learn about them early because they will take them when they get older and start working.


5. Address the foul smell


With sweat and moisture, there's a chance that their school shoes will develop a foul smell. To address the situation, you can use household items to save money. Baking soda and coffee are helpful items that can remove the unpleasant odour from footwear.


Sprinkle the baking soda directly inside the footwear and leave it there overnight. Empty the footwear the following day; it should do the trick. Ensure you get all the baking soda.


However, only some people like having baking soda directly in their footwear, so an alternative is to use coffee packets, which you can make with cloth and strings. Leave them inside the footwear overnight and remove them the next day. Some would add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the packs to make the footwear smell good.


6. Store correctly


Leaving the school shoes around makes them susceptible to floating dust, weakening the material. It's best to put them inside shoe closets or racks to keep them away. If you lack the necessary floor space, get shoe bags instead and hang them behind the door.


7. Check for damages


Giving the boys their school shoes a once-over every week is essential. Check if there are damages or if the soles are getting worn out. It's best to get them fixed or address the issue before it's too late. 


You don't want the boys' school shoes to break down while your child plays or participates in classroom activities.


8. Teach your child the right way to wear footwear


Laziness can get the best of all of us. In our haste, we usually wear things hurriedly, which may damage our clothes and footwear. The same thing goes for children and their academic footwear. 


When putting on the trainers, your child must put their thumb at the back of the shoe while sliding their feet inside. Doing this protects the heel counter, which plays a massive role in keeping the academic footwear together. It is essential to take equal care when taking off the shoe. 


The tendency is for your child to use their other foot to remove the shoe of the other, kicking them off. Doing this can damage the footwear. The best way is to unfasten the closures, if any, and remove the shoe with both hands. 


From here, your child can start doing the steps mentioned, such as knocking the shoes together to clean them.


Follow These Steps for Kids' School Shoes’ Longevity!


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