Tips for Making Kids' School Shoes Last Longer

Parents and guardians agree that shopping for kids' school shoes can be challenging, as you must check on many things and allocate time for them. That being the case, every parent and guardian would want to make the footwear last longer. Also, imagine the hassle of shopping every few weeks because the kids' school shoes keep breaking down.

But if you're buying your child's footwear from Spendless New Zealand, we guarantee the pair will stay strong because it's durable. Aside from that, we take pride in how comfortable, supportive, and affordable Spendless NZ's kids' school shoes are, so both parent and child will be happy.

However, knowing how to make the kids' shoes last longer is still good. They are hardly tricky steps, but you must set aside time. The time you spend on these tips will be much less than the time you spend shopping for new shoes for boys and girls.

Moreover, it will be a good bonding activity with your child, so they, too, will learn how to be responsible by keeping their footwear longer.

Our team at Spendless New Zealand has gathered helpful tips, so you won't have to. So read and take to heart how you can make Spendless New Zealand's kids' school shoes last longer.

Tip 1—Put a Label 

Like other parents, we know you can relate to how frustrating it can be when your child loses their things, from bags to notebooks to pens to even their kids' school shoes. 

Your young one would likely wear sneakers for physical education (PE) or after-school sports. But, alas, they misplaced their kids' school shoes after their activity.

It is essential because how can you prolong its life when missing? One way to avoid this is to label the footwear with your contact information in case they find it. For example, write on each of the kids' school shoes.

Please take this opportunity to teach your student about being more responsible with their stuff. For example, explain to them how valuable a pair of kids' school shoes is for their education. 

This footwear is what keeps them comfortable and keeps them from getting in the way of their learning.

Tip 2—Waterproof Them with a Spray

New Zealand's unpredictable weather requires an extra layer on kids' school shoes. After unboxing the footwear, use a waterproof spray before your kid wears them to protect them from water. It's amazing how they work correctly!

Because kids' school shoes deserve the best, use Spendless New Zealand's water and stain protection spray!

Tip 3—Know the Proper Way of Drying Wet Footwear

As we mentioned, the erratic weather in New Zealand can get the kids' school shoes wet. It's an unavoidable occurrence. Although the waterproofing spray offers protection, you should not be lax.

Did you know that you can do more with newspapers after reading them? When your kid gets home, teach them to wipe down moisture from the school shoes. Then, crumple sheets of newspaper and put them inside each pair of footwear.

Like magic, newspapers have absorption capabilities that you can use to hasten the drying process of school shoes. Never put them directly near any heat source, as their material will crumble. Rather than prolonging the life of the school shoes, you'll end up hastening it.

Empower your kid to do this step even without your supervision. You will only sometimes be at home; it might be too late if they wait for you before performing this step on their kids' school shoes.

Besides, paper crumpling is effective in building motor skills because the activity works the hands' muscles and strengthens their arches. So you get to hit two birds with one stone!

Tip 4—Maintain Cleanliness and Shine

It would help if you taught your student to prevent mud and dirt from settling and drying on the footwear. For instance, after playing outdoors during the lunch break, they should immediately check for mud or soil on the footwear.

A quick trip to the bathroom to get a damp paper towel to wipe off the dirt can prevent it from hardening. However, removing them might be more challenging if they waited until they got home. 

Plus, there might be an added layer of dirt from their trip home that needs some cleaning.

These small steps will go a long way towards ensuring that the hard-at-work footwear lives longer to see another day.

Polishing footwear will ensure its longevity, with the shoe polish as the anti-aging serum. But, more importantly, leaving a good impression is critical, even for a kid. 

Wearing polished and shiny kids' school shoes will impress other people and make them think highly of your kid. We recommend doing this every month.

Tip 5—Store Them Properly

Have you seen TV shows where children come home from class, rush in the door, throw everything on the floor, and leave them there?

They always left the kids' school shoes out, which made it easy for floating dust particles to stick to them and ruin the shoes' materials. Avoid that. Set aside proper storage where your kid can leave their footwear correctly.

Storage can be in the form of shoe bags or closets. Ensure you or your child have wiped off the dirt before storing the shoes. Again, cleanliness is essential.  

Ready to schedule a school shoe fitting? Shop with your kid!

When scheduling an appointment for a school shoe fitting, consider what styles your kid would want. Then, you should allow your kid to pick out what they want from a store. 

There's little doubt that when youngsters go shopping together, they discuss their favourite fusion brands and the brands shop they like. But after seeing our range of options, your kid will be a believer!

We hope you will take all the tips we shared to heart, as these will ensure a longer lifespan for the pair and keep your kid comfortable and safe while in the learning institution. 

The fact that we have a variety of sizes and classic and new styles to fit any uniform is just one of the best things about Spendless NZ. So whether you need a white canvas for a more casual uniform or black leather for a formal dress code, we have it all.

We provide a stress-free shopping experience. Our team of fit experts is working extended hours during the early back-to-school season to respond to any enquiries you may have about sizing. 

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