Tips For Making School Shoes Last!

Make sure that your boys’ school shoes last! Are you sick of replacing styles that have worn out too quickly? Do you want to guarantee that your son gets his fair share of wear out of every pair of boys’ school shoes that you buy him? Spendless is here with the best tips and tricks for students and parents.

We know that buying uniforms and boys’ school shoes can be a costly endeavour, even with only one child, which is why we want to make things easier (and less expensive) for our New Zealand customers. We’ll teach you how to make a new pair last longer this year. So, listen up, because the class is in session! 


Get boys’ school shoes that your son can grow into! 


When your child is constantly growing out of their footwear, keeping up can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. One simple money-saving solution is to buy boys’ school shoes in a size or two larger than what your child needs. You know this is a great tactic because parents have been doing it with clothes and regular footwear forever!

Students typically wear one set of boys’ school shoes until they outgrow (or ruin) them, which means getting an oversized pair should prevent you from having to buy them new ones for months and months. But, you will still need to ensure that your child is safe and secure.

We recommend filling the gaps inside your boys’ school shoes with innersoles and other inserts; these will cushion little feet and prevent stumbles and blisters caused by too-big styles slipping. Our innersoles come in full-sized and half-sized styles, so you can pick the ones that will fill the space in your son’s pair the best. 


Replace shoelaces if they start fraying!


Why would you buy a new pair of boys’ school shoes when you can clean them up with a new set of laces? Laces typically get damaged after getting wet, muddy, or covered in muck over and over again, and that’s a problem for any parent with young and rambunctious children. Those ratty, fraying, and frizzy ties will drag down the look of your boys’ school shoes. 

Luckily, the solution is super straightforward: get a fresh set! Spendless has heaps of handy accessories for your boys’ school shoes. The spare laces in our collection are round, flat, black, white, and they come in different lengths. We have so many varieties to choose from that you’re sure to see something well-suited to your boys’ school shoes. With a new pair of laces to spruce up your child’s pair, their uniform can be an A+ again! 


Keep your boys’ school shoes clean!


The older a style is, the more likely it is to get damaged or ruined during your child’s busy day. The best way to combat material deterioration is to keep your boys’ school shoes in prime condition. What can you do to keep styles up to standard? Well, we recommend cleaning your boys’ school shoes regularly!

With accessories like our Instant Shine Sponge and Dubbin cleaner, you can smarten-up your son’s set in no time. The sponge works dry, so once you’ve uncapped it, all you need to do is scrub until the dust and grime come off your boys’ school shoes. Whether the style is predominately leather or synthetic, a coating of Dubbin will clean, nourish, and help waterproof the material.

You won’t need to worry about your boys’ school shoes wearing out if you have these handy accessories there to clean them! 


Try these three tips for the best success! 


Use our tricks, and we’re sure your boys’ school shoes will last longer this year! Have a try, and see how you go!