Tips To Make Your Heels More Comfortable

Got A Event To Attend And Want To Be Comfortable?


Some women can strut their stuff in towering summer heels and dance without care. However, if you’re not a frequent wearer of these kinds of shoes, then trying to spend a full day or night in them can be challenging or downright unpleasant. Thankfully, there are some ways to make things easier for yourself.


Our advice? Buy a pair of summer heels that you feel comfortable in from the start, or grab something extra to help you out.


1) Pick a short set of summer heels


Our little block-style summer heels are a great place to begin. These are amongst the lowest of our styles and get designed for long-term wear. Kitten-style summer heels are a dream for ladies who work a nine-to-five job. They’re elegant, classic, and have plenty of colour variations.


Our low block-based summer heels do work their magic as a formal or casual pair, so you can effortlessly transition from work to weekend.


2) Get styles with larger bases


Stilettos and skinny summer heels are beautiful and a natural pairing with dresses, skirts, and other airy outfits, but they can make traversing outdoors tricky.


With wedges or wide set summer heels, you get all the glamour and charm of a skinny style, but with all the balance and support that you need to enjoy yourself. If you’re always on the go and need shoes that can keep up with a demanding social calendar, then these are just the thing!


Accessories for your wellbeing


If there’s one thing you can count on to improve the comfort of your summer heels, it’s out foot care accessories! These inserts, add-ins, and helpful packs bring excellent support and relief for your feet.


3) Prevent blisters 


Gel grips will prevent movement and slipping that causes blisters. The backs of your heels are a top area for blisters to form on, especially during the summer when your feet are hot and sweaty in your shoes. While plaster and other stick-on fabric barriers provide some protection, our squishy gel inserts will better guard against friction buildup and rubbing that cause skin irritation.


4) Get additional support


The higher an incline your feet balance on, the more pressure gets placed on your muscles and ankles. No one wants summer heels that cause painful foot cramps when they’re trying to have fun, in any case. Gel cushions and other inserts that sit under the ball of your foot are a significant benefit for summer heels with steep inclines. These will help relieve strain, prevent muscle fatigue, and give you a nice comfy surface to stand on.


5) Invest in a fashionable emergency kit


For the full care experience, we have sole salvation kits too! This handy pack isn’t just good for your protection, but it’s also the perfect accessory to match your summer heels. The zip-up purse comes in black or natural, which are easy to pair off with other colours in an outfit. Our little sole salvation kit fits a pair of gel cushions, two gel grips, a nail file, blister plasters, and still has room for cards, keys, cash, and more!


6) Use a removable base


One experience rolling an ankle or face-planting because of a poor choice of summer heels is more than enough. The last of our great accessories that might improve the feel of your summer shoes are our heel stoppers. These attach to the base of your summer heels and provide support for greater stability on troublesome terrains like grass, gravel, and outdoor decking.


Find the pair of your dreams


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