Top Mistakes Women Make When Buying Heels

Finding your next best pair of pump heels can be an exciting adventure for all girls to take. Let’s be real, we all love a little ‘RnR’, and for girl’s, it’s in the form of shopping! Shopping for womens heels, in particular, releases a different level of endorphins that we didn’t know existed.


We’re fairly certain that every guy in New Zealand can relate to what we are about to say. However, there is something about the experience of shopping for womens heels that makes every woman’s eyes light up and have her smiling from ear to ear.


It’s almost like witchcraft. But, because girls love shopping for womens heels so much, they sometimes ignore a few steps that should get taken to make wearing their shoes a comfortable and fun experience.


So we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes made when women buy a new pair of womens heels. Check out our top tips below so you can avoid making these mistakes in the future!


Mistake No.1 – Sacrificing Comfort For Style


Women make the first mistake when buying a new pair of heeled sandals by willingly sacrificing foot care comfort over style. The main reason that women buy pump heels is to give their outfit a stunning boost of style and fashion, leaving them feeling and looking like a celebrity.


In this situation, however, women sacrificing foot care comfort to look stylish can lead to more problems than not. For example, it can be hard to find comfortable pump heels because high heels are made with a stiletto-like heel to give you a heel height boost and glam upgrade.


This look is the style of shoes that women tend to lean for; however, low heels are now on-trend and making a comeback like no other. So, the fact that women still gravitate towards high heels for style purposes rather than foot care comfort can be mind-blowing for many.


It is evident that women love to get their hands on some new pump heels every once in a while, but they sacrifice foot care comfort over style a little too often.


High heels in very stylish trends, with different colour pop, shapes and designs constantly coming into fashion. These features can capture anyone’s attention, which is why womens heels are so popular. The added height boost is also a very intriguing feature for short girls, so foot care comfort goes right out the window.


Women are captivated by pump heels, and it’s an exciting experience to share. Still, a common mistake of purchasing shoes that are stylish rather than comfortable can lead to your feet becoming sore and tired much quicker than expected.


Mistake No.2 – Buying The Wrong Size


Would you believe it when we say that women always buy the wrong sized shoe? Of course, the majority of people would say they don’t! But it’s true. When it comes to buying a new pair of heeled sandals, women tend to buy the wrong shoe size for many reasons – and ignorance isn’t one!


Firstly, if a pair of heeled sandals are on sale but only have a select few shoe size left, many women tend to squeeze their feet into a smaller shoe size. If the shoe fits, it is most likely going to be purchased and worn without any hesitation.


Although buying a pair of pump heels on sale is every girl’s dream come true, buying a pair of heeled sandals with a shoe size that’s too big or too small will cause problems with your feet. These problems will leave you struggling to wear the heeled sandals, so try to avoid buying pumps that aren’t your exact foot length size.


Another reason that women may buy shoes that are not their correct shoe size is they think they can make it work by adding fillers or wearing thick socks (if it’s high heeled boots like ankle boots and knee high boots). Some women find that filling their closed-toe heels with extra padding as a filler can make the bigger shoes worth wearing.


Trust us; it is not worth it!


The wrong sized pump heels can make walking difficult to do and can leave your feet bruised and swollen. It can also alter the way you walk during the event. Buying the correctly sized heeled sandals can avoid all of this from happening – you will be thanking us later!


Mistake No.3 – No Considering Your Foot Size


Another mistake that women run into when shopping for heeled sandals especially buying heels online, is that they buy shoes without considering their foot length. Unfortunately, many women find that sticking to what they already know about their shoe size will help them choose a new pair.


But what women tend to forget is that the mid heeled shoes they have been wearing in their size might be an old pair, different make, and different types of mid heeled shoe altogether. Therefore, buying a pair of pump heels in the correct shoe size and not trying the mid heeled shoes before purchasing can lead to sore and painful feet.


Finding a pair of heeled sandals with all of these things in mind will be a lot easier. But, unfortunately, women also tend to forget about the different sizes of heels. This can relate to the width of the mid heeled shoes, the depth, and the material.


These three elements greatly impact the heel-wearing experience and usually result in a more comfortable experience if all points are considered before purchasing heel shoes. It is important to remember that our feet are constantly growing and changing over time.


When buying a new pair of pumps, make sure that you try them on and check the size guide before you buy, so then you can see if any changes have occurred in your shoe size and how to find the perfect heel shoes to fit your feet.


Mistake No.4 – Not Leaving Enough Time To Break Them In


Leaving enough time to break in your new pair of low heels is something that women don’t always do, and it affects the way their feet feel. So breaking in a new pair of pumps statement heels is crucial to implement before wearing them out and about.


The best way to break in a new pair of mid heeled heels is by wearing them around the house for a couple of hours. This tip will give your feet time to adjust to a range of issues that could arise, such as material rubbing against your heel shoes, blisters occurring or having sore feet earlier than expected.


A lot of the time, women buy pump heels with the thought that the material will stretch. Unfortunately, this issue isn’t always the case with mid heeled shoes and can cause women to experience a range of blisters, cuts, and tender feet after wearing pumps for an extended period.


This tip is why breaking in your wide fit womens heels before wearing them to your upcoming event is necessary. Wearing wide fit heels for a given period is also not very beneficial for your foot health; however, it is expected to occur.


If you know you wear your wide fit pumps quite religiously, it would be best to always break them in first. Alongside this, it may also be worth investing in a selection of accessories for your wide fit heel shoes to provide your feet with added foot care comfort and protection.


Mistake No.5 – Matching Your Outfit


Another mistake that women tend to make when choosing their new pair of heel shoes is matching them to their outfits. This issue is all fun and games until you come across a pair of extremely uncomfortable heel shoes, but they match every detail of your outfit.


When a situation like this occurs, we would suggest finding other heel shoes to wear. However, most women will choose the ones that match the designer brands outfit and not consider any other aspects of the mid-heeled shoe.


You must find womens heels that complement your outfit like your crop tops, but walking around all slow and hunched over is not a look that many women like to be involved in, so choose wisely, ladies!    


Guilty Of Making One Of These Mistakes?


If you know you have made one of these mistakes when shopping for heel shoes, then this is your sign never to make the same mistake again! Your feet need to be loved and protected when it comes to womens heels. So with these common mistakes in mind, we are sure you won’t make those mistakes again!