Traditional School Shoes Or Black Trainers For Boys?

What type of boys’ school shoes does your son need in 2021?


A traditional classroom pair like black school shoes or brown school shoes? Sports shoes like black trainers, basketball shoes, mens training shoes or mens walking shoes? Party shoes or dress shoes? Spendless is here to help you find the best boys’ school shoes! 


Why Should You Get Traditional Boys’ School Shoes For Your Son?


Well, for starters, you can’t go wrong with traditional boys’ school shoes! While the comfort and support features that go into these designs have evolved over the years, the look of traditional classroom styles has endured for decades.


Even if you closed your eyes, we’re sure that you’d be able to imagine what these boys’ school shoes look like: glossy black material, a smooth shape, rounded toes, and classic laces or selffastening straps on top.


You’ll find heaps of versions of these timeless styles in the Spendless collection; you’ll feel spoiled for choice! 


But, of course, they’re a natural match with uniforms, and we know plenty of parents who get their active kids to use sophisticated boys’ school shoes like black leather dress shoes as formal wear too.


If you’re taking your active kids to a wedding or other black-tie event this year, then you should know that our classy styles black leather dress shoes work beautifully with suits and other formal outfits.


You can find traditional boys shoes on our shelves made with vegan-friendly synthetic material or ones with black leather uppers and lining. So, if you’re looking for vegan-friendly styles for your active kids, or something that can help active kids with sensitive feet, then we’ve got you covered!


Who Needs A New Set Of Black Trainers?


Activewear is a must-have for students of all ages!


First off, if your son has weekly fitness time or PE classes, he will need boys’ school shoes that perform well in sports and other activities. Is your son part of a sports team or a similar club?


Most extra-curricular sports have weekly practices in the mornings or afternoons, and many have games and competitions on the weekends too, and your son will need active boys’ school shoes then.


So, which type should you get for your son? Here at Spendless, we think black trainers are a fantastic option for active boys’ school shoes.


The durable synthetic material makes these sneakers challenging to wear out or mark, which is perfect. Since the robust black leather-look material on our boys’ black school shoes or  brown school shoes also has excellent water resistance, they’re easy to clean too.


We know how wild winter weather can get in New Zealand. But, if you want to get the mud, grass, and grit off of your boys’ school shoes, then picking a synthetic style is a safe bet!


With adjustable selffastening straps or laces, built-in arch support, and superior tread, these trainers get designed for high performance in fast-paced and physically demanding activities. You can also choose casual shoes sizes using our size guides. 


If sportswear is on your son’s shopping list, then black trainers and black leather school shoes are his ideal boys’ black school shoes!


What About A Style That’s Somewhere Between?


Have you thought about getting a pair of our comfy and trendy trainers that your son can wear as boys’ school shoes? 


Here at Spendless, we have some fantastic alternative styles for active kids who need something a bit different. Take a look at our recommendations for girls, and you’ll see Mary Janes sandals are the fashionable alternative to traditional classroom designs.


When it comes to boys’ black school shoes or  brown school shoes with a bit of difference, stylish sneakers are the way to go. You won’t find the same sole underneath these styles as what you would with sporty trainers, but it’s a close thing!


The flexible soles on these sneakers/sports shoes are supportive and grip well to different surfaces so that they can compete with the best of our classic boys’ school shoes. Like our other designs, you’ll find these in lace-up and selffastening straps versions.


Now, getting an age-appropriate pair for your son won’t be a challenge.


And with the same glossy leather school shoes look finish as other classroom styles, these boys’ school shoes will blend right in with other students’ footwear.


How great is that? Another fantastic thing about getting sneakers/sports shoes like these for your son is that he’ll wear them as more than boys’ black school shoes or  brown school shoes. During the week, they’ll be an easy match with his uniform.


But on the weekends, these laidback sneakers/sports shoes can take a break from being boys’ school shoes and chill out instead. They look great with casual clothes, and that trusty comfy fit is sure to keep your son going for hours. 


So what’s not to love about trendy sneakers/sports shoes as boys’ school shoes?


Make Sure That You Check Your Active Kids' Dress Code!


Before you start browsing through the Spendless collection or adding any boys’ black school shoes or  brown school shoes to your shopping cart, you need to check your son’s uniform rules. So what are the rules around footwear for students?


There are a few common dress code regulations that might impact which boys’ school shoes you’re able to buy for your son. Is this your son’s first year in the classroom? We’ll go through a few of them now for parents who are new to this delicate dance!


Firstly, your active kids age might determine which dress shoes, boys’ black school shoes or  brown school shoes  he’s allowed to wear. This is because younger children generally have more relaxed dress codes, while teachers focus strict rules on older students.


After all, for many, active kids preteens and teenagers, learning how to ensure that their boys’ school shoes and uniforms look presentable is a way to prepare them for managing uniforms in their first casual and part-time jobs.


So, keep in mind that there may be changes to which styles your son can wear as he gets older. 


Secondly, if you’re searching for boys’ school shoes like our kids sport sneakers/sports shoes, walking shoes, skate shoes, mens basketball shoes/ active kids basketball shoes or trainers, then check which 


Some students can get away with wearing brightly coloured sneakers/sports shoes for PE classes and extracurricular sports, while others can only wear white, boys’ black school shoes,  brown school shoes, or black trainers. 


So which rules apply to your boys shoes? If you check now and be safe, you won’t get caught out later!


Get A Pair For Your Son Today!


Do you know which boys’ school shoes to get for your son? If you’re still undecided, then we recommend having a scroll through our online store and see which Spendless styles stick out to you!