Transform And Elevate Any Outfit With A Pair Of Espadrilles

Espadrilles: Stylish From The Ground Up

Do you believe in the power of high heels? Espadrilles will elevate your look and transform any lazy weekend outfit into a gorgeous fashion statement this summer! At Spendless Shoes, this unique niche of platform wedges is just the thing to set you apart from the rest. So, isn’t it time that you found out more about espadrilles?

A design we can all get behind

One reason espadrilles are explosively gaining popularity is the effect that they have on your legs. Namely, on your calves and ankles. Espadrilles have the same diagonal slant that you would expect to see on a regular heel. Like a classic set of stilettos or block heels, espadrilles boost your height, accentuate your calves, and make your legs appear slimmer and more toned.  

But espadrilles have one sneaky improvement on all these other heels; they sneak a few extra centimetres onto the base by bumping it up with a platform. That means you get a more dramatic lift to your height without forcing your feet to balance on a steeper incline.

What does that mean? In a word: comfort. With a fully-flat base to stand on and a few centimetres of sturdy and reliable heel to keep you propped up for hours and hours, espadrilles have established themselves as a smart and beautiful design. Do you have an event planned stretching from dawn until dusk this weekend? Our espadrilles will see you through it with ease.

The perfect décor to match

Espadrilles can bring you the loveliest, most luxurious, and latest looks of the season. In 2018, that means diamantes.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful little band of rhinestone décor glittering up from their toes? We know we do! And sparkly additions like these are sure to have you looking ready for any event. As a casual statement, no diamante-covered espadrilles will look out of place; with slides, thongs, and all sorts of everyday styles bedazzled with bling this summer, these will fit right in!

Moreover, when it comes to formal styles, our diamante-covered espadrilles will always look glamorous. These are one of our hot favourites for bridesmaids and wedding guests at a summer ceremony! Plus, with such a versatile repertoire, of styling options, these make for one pair of wedding shoes that you know you’ll wear again. Forget about stuffing these heels into the back of the wardrobe to be forgotten! You can add espadrilles straight into your summer shoe collection.

Our top styling tips

If you’re ready to step out with a hot new pair of espadrilles, then we have a few hot styling tips for you.

1) Watch the colours

Already, we’re seeing a few colours dominating basics this season. Experiment with your espadrilles and some of these trendy tones for a truly modern look. For instance, a stripy white and khaki-green playsuit could go together well with some of our black espadrilles, while tan and natural could be the perfect match to a sunny yellow top or skirt.

2) Get the right kind of fastening

With our espadrilles, you get your choice of buckled ankle fastenings or lace-up bands. If you’re a frequently in summer dresses and want to give your legs an elegant elongation, then our lace-ups could be a good fit. If you’re always on the go and appreciate a fast-fitting style for your quick feet, then buckles could be your best bet.

Can you see yourself in espadrilles this year?


We sure can! Step into a bold new world of platform wedges and high heels with espadrilles. Shop online today for a look at the latest styles. Got any questions? Talk to one of our team members in real-time when you use our LiveChat feature— we’ll help with anything!