Trending Boot Styles for Winter 2023

With winter fast approaching, many people are gearing up by removing their boots from storage and checking out if they are still suitable. Meanwhile, those who did not keep this footwear from the previous winter are now frantically searching for the ideal styles for winter 2023. Are you here for the same reason?

Hopefully, you answered yes because the team at Spendless New Zealand did the work for you. We gathered the boots you need in your closet this year so that you can have a stylish season. 

Wearing fashionable footwear can help boost your confidence, making you stand taller and strut with your head held high.

So, without further delay, we'd like to present the trending Spendless New Zealand boots for winter 2023.

1. Pointy toes

But if you want to experiment and change your winter look, you should check out the pointy-toe boots. You can walk in style with the boots' mid-height and thin block heels. In addition, the cooler months are instantly more bearable when you add these shoes to your closet. 

The soft microsuede material ensures you're warm and snug, while the side zipper provides easy wearing. You do not need to worry about New Zealand's extreme winter weather with these sock boots to keep you toasty, stylish, and comfy.

2. Rain 

Rain boots are a functional style you need to add to your closet. They have transcended everyday wear, not just in rainy weather. Several luxury brands have produced their lines because they are taking the world by storm. 

You do not need to pay a hefty price because Spendless New Zealand has trendy styles that will keep you within your budget.

The available rain boots come in black or leopard, making you look stylish as they fend off any threat of getting wet this winter. These shoes also keep you steady on your feet as you navigate slippery and neck-breaking surfaces.

3. Platform

Who wants more height without risking their neck during the winter?

If you raised your hand to this question, you are not alone. Wearing heeled boots in winter can be dangerous, as they might not have the grip to keep you steady on slippery surfaces.

However, the platform boots can prove you wrong, as they are comfortable for your arch and provide better balance. The Spendless New Zealand styles add a bit of fun and edge to your look, so we suggest you check them all out. Do you prefer knee-high or mid-height boots?

Both heights available at Spendless New Zealand have a thick platform base, chunky block heels, and levelled soles. The platform boots' square-toe design, shiny outer material, and inner zip will ensure you are comfortable, stylish, and snug all winter. 

Choose from black or white, but our team is leaning towards white for a brighter, more pristine look.

4. Cowboy 

If you've been a fan of Western movies all your life, it's time to turn your fantasies into reality as cowboy boots make their way to the winter fashion scene in 2023. This style's versatility provides you with many options to wear.

Enjoy attending casual and formal events with your cowboy boots, as they look good with denim jeans and dresses or skirts. 

The calf-length style available at Spendless New Zealand features a convenient zipper on the inner side for easy wearing, small heels, and pointed toes. 

Wearing this around will help people remember you as the stylish girl who dared to wear cowboy boots in winter. The stitching and elegant detailing give major Western vibes and will have everyone coming up to you for small talk.

5. Combat 

Owning a pair of combat boots for winter 2023 will hit all the right marks, as they are sturdy, trendy, and functional. In addition, these shoes can withstand whatever winter throws at them, including rain, muddy fields, wet surfaces, and strong winds. 

The soles of combat boots are thick and supportive, while the lace-up front provides a touch of style and adjustable comfort and fit.

While some people get turned off by tying laces, you'll be happy that Spendless New Zealand made life easier. The combat boots have a side zipper that locks you in place in seconds. The pull tabs help you wear them faster. Give the laces a few adjustments.

6. Flat 

Flat boots are like wearing your favourite ballet flats, only they provide more coverage, possibly reaching your knees this time. The versatility is evident, as you can wear flat boots when dancing, working, or walking around the block. You will love how easy it is to wear these shoes. 

Styling is simple, thanks to its versatility. Wear them with A-line skirts, jeans, or trousers; you will look effortlessly put together without trying too hard.

Check out the unique over-the-knee flat boots available at Spendless New Zealand because they will make you the star of any event you wear them to. These shoes have a two-tone outer material; the front half has a shiny finish, and the back has a matte. 

The side zipper will ensure you can wear these shoes quickly, and they will cling to your legs in a snug fit. Since these flat boots reach above the knees, you can wear miniskirts and dresses and still feel warm and covered. 

You may also like the flat knee-high boots at Spendless New Zealand, featuring a suede-like material and scrunch-look towards the top. These shoes will keep you warm and stylish all three months of winter.

Get a Head Start on Winter by Getting These 2023 Boot Styles!

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Checkout their vast range of different brands and trend items, which feature leather boots, ankle boots, lace-up boots, long boots, and various other styles, that may be customised with your heel height and will suit any winter outfit you have in your closet.

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