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Your child's safety is paramount in New Zealand's erratic and extreme weather. Parents worry more once their children are out of sight, so the next best thing they can do is ensure they are comfortable, supported, and stable. 


What's the best way to achieve that?


It's through Spendless New Zealand's kids' schools shoes, which you can rely on daily. 


Your child's footwear must be appropriate for sunny mornings and rainy afternoons without changing into something else—these kids' school shoes must have features that support your child's daily activities.


Since you're here, you're likely looking for the answer to your quest for reliable footwear. 


With help from the team at Spendless NZ, we'll provide you with things you need to look out for in any kids' school shoes you purchase. Check for these features and ensure your child's academic experience. If you're ready, let's do it!


1. Look for features that provide comfort.


Comfortable kids' school shoes play a massive role in maintaining your child's well-being. Academic days usually involve long hours of walking, standing, and physical activities. 


And even when the child is sitting in the classroom, they need total concentration to absorb the lessons. Can they perform if the painful footwear of the kids is a distraction?


Protect your child from distractions and foot-related health issues like blisters, calluses, and other deformities by checking for these:


  • Correct fit and size


As mentioned, we want to protect the children with kids' school shoes that do not rub their feet painfully. Ensure you get their correct size by taking them to professionals like podiatrists and in-house staff. 


Experts can suggest which academic footwear suits your child's foot type. Taking your child shopping with you is essential so they can try the footwear and give feedback on the spot. 


You can determine if the kids' academic footwear rubs them where they shouldn't and replace them immediately.


  • Room for growth


You must leave enough room for growth because your child will likely have frequent growth spurts. The 1cm gap between the tip of your child's longest toe and the kids' school shoes will ensure enough breathing room. 


You must check this space every 4–8 weeks to monitor. Once you notice it's gone, get a new pair of academic footwear immediately.


  • Wide Toe Boxes


Most adult foot deformities came from ill-fitting footwear when they were younger, so ensuring they have comfortable ones is necessary. Wide toe boxes allow your child's toes to spread naturally, improving their balance and stability. 


Kids' school shoes with round or square-toe designs are best because they do not squeeze your child's toes. You can rely on Spendless NZ to have what you need, with most styles having rounded toes.


  • Adjustability


Kids' school shoes must have fastenings so your child can adjust the fit when needed. Fastenings like touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces allow your child to tighten or loosen the footwear. 


Not to mention, these fastenings also provide security. They keep the shoes in place, ensuring they won't come off accidentally during gameplay.


2. Look for features that provide support.


Kids' school shoes must provide ample support for your child's feet, which are still developing. 


Their footwear can ensure healthy foot development and alleviate foot problems. More importantly, kids' school shoes must reduce the risk of injuries, especially during physical activities and outdoor play.


Ensure your child's long-term foot health by looking for these features:


  • Grip and traction


One of the reasons parents look for reliable kids' school shoes is because they don't want to receive an emergency call telling them their child got into an accident. 


Soles with grip and traction will keep your kid steady and stable on their feet, especially during rough activities. By flipping them over, check for grooves or treads under the footwear. 


These are the ones responsible for creating friction against the floor. Please have your child test them out when shopping by asking them to walk on the slippery part of the store. The footwear should pass the test.


  • Flexible to a certain extent


Your child's footwear must mimic their feet's natural gait when moving. Since the feet only fold to a certain point, the kids' school shoes must be flexible until there. They should not be too soft or hard. 


Test this by picking up the footwear and bending them. The footwear should never twist all the way.


  • Firm heel counter


The heel counter is at the back of the kids' school shoes, providing structure. It must remain firm because it stabilises the ankle by preventing excessive side-to-side movement. 


Test the footwear by pressing on both sides of the heel counter; it should never give in.


3. Look for features that make them durable.


What good will kids' school shoes be if they break after a week of use? You don't want their footwear to break while running and playing because it can cause accidents. 


New Zealand's erratic and inclement weather will expose the kid's academic footwear to harsh situations, and since they are responsible for your child's safety, they must withstand all of it.


As such, you need to check for this to guarantee the footwear's durability:


  • Materials


Can the materials of the kids' school shoes last long? Spendless NZ uses two kinds of materials for its footwear—leather and vegan-friendly. These materials exhibit characteristics that keep the footwear robust, even when subjected to harsh weather. 


Leather has breathable and insulating capabilities, ensuring your child's feet remain fresh and warm despite temperature changes. Of the two, vegan-friendly is more affordable because it takes fewer steps to produce. 


Since production is cruelty-free, it doesn't harm animals and leaves a minimal carbon footprint.


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