Visit Spendless for School Shoes That Also Serve as Work Shoes!

Spendless New Zealand is the place to go if you're looking for versatility! The available kids' school shoes here can double as work shoes, which is the definition of versatile. Since most of the academic footwear at Spendless NZ does not have heels, consider them as flats, which are now acceptable in the workplace.


Using kids' school shoes for work is a great bonding idea for parents and children who love to go twinning. Imagine how your mornings will play out, with you sitting beside each other and simultaneously putting on your kids' school shoes. Please remember to label the footwear to avoid mixing it up with your child's. 


Now, the next question is: which style will you choose?


Our brand offers the same benefits as popular brands like Nike, Skechers, Clarks, Harrison, Asics, and Roc. Our range of shoes for boys and girls will suit their uniform, keep their feet protected and covered, and be just as durable and supportive. However, you'll find ours much easier on your budget 


Several styles are available, so our Spendless NZ team will help you determine which is ideal for your workplace and how to style them. Luckily, the formal school shoes for kids come in black, which is the easiest colour to match with most office clothes. 


If you're ready to add a pair of kids' school shoes to your work wardrobe rotation, let's start!


Style 1—Mary Janes


Mary Janes are kids' school shoes that have long been in the workplace. Many generations of women have owned this timeless style of footwear at least once. 


You can quickly identify these kids' school shoes from a mile away because Mary Janes have always looked the same: a low-cut, closed shoe with a strap over the top of the foot. The available products at Spendless New Zealand use touch-fastening straps to secure the footwear.


Work hours usually last 8–10 hours, with you standing, walking, and rushing to meetings most of the time. If that is your situation, you need kids' school shoes with slightly padded soles to support you (and your feet) as you do your work. 


You're lucky because the Mary Janes at Spendless New Zealand have that and a flexible outsole that moulds to the shape of your feet, keeping you comfortable all day. Also, never forget the wide, rounded-toe design of these kids' school shoes, which give enough space for your toes to stay cosy. 


Finally, you've worn pointy shoes before and know how painful it is when they pinch your toes.


Iconic stars from different generations have worn these kids' school shoes, making them a part of popular culture. It proves the timelessness of Mary Janes and their popularity across the globe. Let's look at different ways to style these kids' school shoes for work.


Get your co-workers to notice your Mary Janes by wearing fitted trousers that end above the ankle and a coloured button-down top tucked in with a belt. You can wear skirts and dresses if you feel more girly and prefer to show off your legs. 


These simple outfits for work will draw attention to your children's school shoes and keep you comfortable as you get ready for meetings. 


Style 2—Pull-On Ankle Boots–the School Shoes Boys Appreciate!


Pull-on ankle boots are kids' school shoes known for their versatility. Your child can wear this in class or on the weekends, and so can you. Guys have always flocked to boots to elevate their look and add a touch of elegance, whether at work or a night out on the town, making these kids' school shoes the perfect choice.


The pull-on ankle boots at Spendless New Zealand do not have any fastenings. Instead, the shoes have elastic side gussets that stretch to fit any foot shape and make sure they fit well. Wearing these kids' school shoes is a breeze with the help of two tabs for easy pull-on.


Adults and children alike will benefit from the round-toe feature of these kids' school shoes, designed to keep both toes safe from hammertoes and claw toes, foot injuries that can become permanent. 


More importantly, the leather material will keep your feet fresh all day at work, as it has breathability that allows air to come in and moisture to escape.


After discussing the features of these kids' school shoes, which will benefit you at work, let's look at ways to style them. Impressions last, so you must know how to style the pull-on boots.


Because these kids' school shoes come in black, they are effortless to match your work clothes. Wearing ankle boots to work requires straight-leg pants with a short hem, so they will not cover the entire footwear. With these kids' school shoes, a crisp polo will complete the perfect work outfit.


Maintain a Good Impression by Keeping Kids' School Shoes in Top Shape


Companies prefer that employees look good to maintain professionalism in the workplace. So our team at Spendless New Zealand has compiled a list of simple steps you can take to ensure you always appear to be on top of your game! Impressions matter, so we advise keeping your kids' school shoes looking brand new.


Step 1—Clean Every After Wear


Keep a handy shoe brush nearby to quickly clean your girls' and boys' school shoes after wearing them. It will prevent dirt from drying up and sticking into the footwear, which can be harder to remove as time goes by. Teach your child the same trick at an early age.  


Step 2—Store Footwear Properly


Invest in shoe closets or bags to protect your kids' school shoes from dust and dirt. Keep them away from any direct heat sources to prevent cracking. Instead, put the scrunched-up newspapers inside the kids' school shoes to maintain their shape while in storage.


Step 3—Polish Constantly


Polish maintains the lustre of your shoes. It moisturises the kids' school shoes and adds a layer of protection from dust and water, which can harm and hasten the lifespan of the footwear. 


Check out the spray at Spendless New Zealand that gives your clothes an instant shine and protects them from water and stains. 


You Can Find What you Need at Spendless New Zealand!


Spendless New Zealand carries the most versatile footwear for all ages. The kids' school shoes available can double as work shoes, which parent and child can enjoy together. 


Head to the nearest store or online shop to buy one for both of you and collect the many benefits! Sign up for our mailing list or subscribe to receive updates.