Walk For Miles Throughout The New Zealand Landscape With Our Walking Shoes

Prepare For Your Trip With Our Walking Shoes! 


Are you preparing yourself or others for a trip through the New Zealand landscape? Spendless has what you need. Read on for an in-depth look at our options and some hot tips from the comfort specialists!


Planning is an easy way to help narrow down your options!


To find the best walking shoes for yourself this season, have a good think about the trips that have coming up. Maybe there are certain activities you want to do while you're in town, or there are specific terrain types that your walking shoes will have to endure.


Sneakers are an obvious choice


Since the design of these favours high-intensity wear and energetic movement, joggers and trainer make the perfect walking shoes. They’re more lightweight than a hiking style yet sturdier than slip-on flats, which means you should enjoy flexible wear and be able to take these more places. They’re also a more secure fit than other walking shoes, given their adjustable laces uppers.


With treads for reliable grip and traction, sneaker-style walking shoes can tough it out during a long day of travel, a few hours of hiking tracks, or whatever else that you might have on the schedule.


What about everyday styles?


Maybe you’re not focused on getting styles for a super active holiday. That’s just fine— Spendless still has walking shoes that can accommodate. Our slide-on designs are a prime pick for people who want comfortable footwear that can last all day long. These are the lightest of our walking shoes and wonderfully flexible.


Get ready for sunshine


Sandals are other sorts of walking shoes that might be a good fit for your New Zealand trip. Ladies have their choice of glamorous or casual styles, while men get their pick of our tougher reef-ready and gladiator sandals.


Men’s walking shoes in these categories fit all sort of terrains, from sandy beaches and rock pools to mountain ranges. If you’re travelling in hotter months, these hardy sandals will do the trick! Additionally, you should consider walking shoes for their extra support, given touch-fastening and elasticised straps will secure your feet inside.  


Hiking boots


If you need some durable walking shoes to tackle a gruelling trek to a scenic spot, then Spendless has just the thing! Our range of hard-wearing hiking boots and walking shoes have a score of unique features that make them the ideal pick for your adventures.


As you might expect, these styles protect ankles and feet with reinforced areas, built-in shock absorption and sturdy material. If you want to be sure that you have the best footwear to stay safe and comfortable on a challenging journey, then there’s no competition for our top-tier walking shoes!


What about the kids?


Buying walking shoes for kids doesn’t have to be a hard or complicated process. We have a range of excellent styles for toddlers, teens, and everything in-between. Almost every key style from our adult range has a variation in our younger collection too! So, which sort of walking shoes do we recommend for our littlest customers?


While some of our soft and lightweight slip-on styles would be excellent for short trips, we think your best pick would be sporty walking shoes. At Spendless, we have an array of excellent joggers and trainers with fastenings suited to different ages. Older kids should try laces walking shoes, while little ones can stay safe and comfy thanks to touch-fastening tabs. The hardest part of picking something from this section for your children is choosing only one!


Shop at Spendless for all these and more


When it comes to walking shoes, Spendless weighs fashion, comfort, and function equally. Find your perfect pair online today, and get ready for a fantastic New Zealand experience!