Walking Shoes Perfect For The Queenstown Landscape!

Searching For New walking shoes?


Treat yourself to superior comfort with walking shoes from Spendless!  We have trendy, casual, and colourful walking shoes to fit the whole family. But, before you start adding styles into your shopping cart, you must read on for new tips about our favourite designs and their ideal uses and settings!


Sneakers and trainers


Sporty styles make best walking shoes for travel around Queenstown! Joggers and trainers have always been flexible and dynamic as everyday pairs.


Active styles from Spendless can endure high-energy sports and tough wear, so they are the ideal choice for a long day on your feet. With these fantastic walking shoes, you can treat yourself to airy mesh material and spongy soles that cushion your feet from impact. Our walking shoes will afford you hours of steadfast and comfortable wear.


So, what kind of clothes look best with walking shoes like these? Tourists will never look out of place wearing sneakers in Queenstown with their casual clothes or sports gear. Dress up your next pair with energetic leggings or a gym shirt for an effortless ensemble that’s ready for anything!


Loafers and other flats


Looking for a formal pair of walking shoes? Spendless has got you covered! We’ll keep tourists in Queenstown looking dressed to impress in all their holiday pictures.


Our favourite walking shoes for the ladies include soft ballet flats, embellished sandals, and laser-cut loafers. These looks bring long-lasting wear and support for ages, which is perfect if you’re exploring the city from dawn until dusk.


Spendless has walking shoes to fit men of all ages in Queenstown. Trendy trainers are the go-to option for most guys, but we have cool woven-texture loafers and Birkenstock-inspired sandals on offer as well.  


Styles for the intrepid outdoorsmen


Queenstown is a popular tourist hub for its activities in and out of the city itself. If you’re heading for the Queenstown hill to enjoy a scenic stroll or proper hike, then you need walking shoes that are up to scratch! At Spendless, our hard-wearing hiking styles are reinforced for comfort and support. These walking shoes come with padding around the ankles to protect vulnerable joints, sturdy water-resistant material, and tread designed for superior grip on tough terrain.


If you want to keep slips and falls to a minimum on your next adventure, then our hiking boots are the perfect pick! After all, no one wants to cut their New Zealand trip short because of a sprained ankle or another injury.


Spendless has fabulous designs for kids too!


Are you taking the kids out for a fun day in Queenstown?


Unlike our adult styles, walking shoes for children have the option of touch-fastening straps. Many younger kids don’t feel confident to tie their laces independently, so having even one touch-adhesive strap to secure the fit is a bonus.


Spendless has flats, slides, casuals, and all sorts of other walking shoes for our littlest shoppers. We have an amazing range of sizes in our kids’ collection as well! Customers from toddlers to teens will appreciate the diverse selection.


In particular, our sneaker-style walking shoes for kids are an essential set and can be repurposed to wear at school or during recreational sports games. You might try walking shoes with a streamlined fit, fashionable hi-top cut, or a colourful finish.


So, which pair of our walking shoes will you wear in Queenstown?


Consider the full span of options when you shop online or in stores at Spendless! Our friendly team would be happy to answer questions or recommend styles, but you will have no trouble browsing walking shoes by yourself either. Have fun and Spendless today!