Ways to Make the School Morning Routine a Little Easier!

Say hello to tips about girls’ school shoes! Do you have trouble herding the kids out the door on time? If getting your daughter ready in the morning is a struggle, then Spendless has the tips you need today! Here are three helpful things you can do with your girls’ school shoes: 


  • Make sure your child’s uniform is ready to go in the morning! 



Are you looking to get your daughter into girls’ school shoes quicker? Have your daughter’s uniform set out and ready for the next day before they go to bed. Instead of rushing around looking for clean socks and trying to figure out where she left her girls’ school shoes, they’ll be there waiting for her when she wakes. Does your daughter need all the sleep she can get? Well then, the time she saves by not having to hunt down girls’ school shoes and a fresh uniform will make everyone in the house happy! Plus, this will also help streamline the getting-ready process in the morning and reduce stress at the start of the day. 


The same method works for sporty girls’ school shoes! Does your daughter have to take a change of clothes and some sneakers for PE class or afternoon activities? If so, have her pack girls’ school shoes (and her uniform) into a bag in the evening so that she can grab it and get going! 


  • Teach your daughter how to tie, buckle, or fasten her pair without help! 



Another easy way to speed along your morning routine is to teach your kids how to do-up girls’ school shoes without your help. That’s one less thing that you need to stop and do before setting off for the day. And, it will ensure your student gets into her girls’ school shoes faster. 


If your child is still very young, then they will probably have a pair with touch-fastening straps. These big tabs are easy to loosen and tighten, so once your child has done it a few times, she should be able to fasten girls’ school shoes without needing your assistance. Buckled styles are a bit trickier, but again, even young students can get the hang of this skill fast. So, what about lace-up girls’ school shoes? Shoelaces are the fiddliest type of fastening, which means you’ll need to dedicate time to teaching your daughter how to do it properly. Once your daughter is confident with lacing up girls’ school shoes by herself, leave her to it; but make sure to double-check that they’re tied al lright before she leaves the house! 


  • Get a cleaning accessory that is straightforward and fast for kids to use!



What if your girls’ school shoes need a clean before they go out the door? Are you familiar with the Instant Shine Sponge from Spendless’ range of accessories? The sponge is the perfect cleaning tool to use when you have limited time and need girls’ school shoes looking presentable. This sponge works dry, so all you need to do is uncap it, give the dirty material a decent scrub, and then put it back in the cupboard! 


You don’t need to worry about sticky polishes or cleaning agents that might stain your child’s uniform. As such, if you see that your girls’ school shoes are looking messy, then get them to go over their shoes with Instant Shine before they head off for the day. If you’re missing the Instant Shine Sponge, then add this handy accessory to your shopping cart the next time you visit Spendless’ online store. After all, if you grab one pair of girls’ school shoes and our Instant Shine sponge, your order will qualify for free express shipping! 

Good luck!


Follow these three tips for girls’ school shoes, and see how it goes!