Ways to Wear Boots All Year Round

Some people believe you can only wear boots in the winter because they provide warmth and their soles have the traction people need to walk on wet and icy surfaces. However, these stylish, comfortable, versatile, and affordable shoes are perfect all year round, especially in New Zealand.




New Zealand has extreme weather, and people joke that you can experience all four seasons in one day. As a result, you should always have boots on hand to adapt quickly to unforeseen weather conditions.


You must be wondering how to style boots for different seasons of the year, especially summer. Never fret; your team at Spendless New Zealand can help you with styling. Because our shoes are versatile and comfortable, you can wear them with anything and feel supported all year.


We've gathered information to answer your question, and we hope that after reading this, you'll realise how important it is to own a pair of Spendless New Zealand boots! With this fashionable pair in your wardrobe, you can achieve chic looks all year. Read on to learn more!


Winter Leather BootsLooks


Winter fashion is the season of coats, scarves, and different kinds of boots. So while we're going to suggest a way you can wear these shoes during the winter, always remember to do what's comfortable for you.


For women, one suggestion is to wear tall boots with a midi dress. If you're petite, opt for ankle boots with a coat over them. You can rock the ankle shoes with skinny jeans. First, cuff them until the hem touches the top of your women's boots. Then, add a shearling coat for heat.


Some prefer to go simple, and that is fine, too! Wear your black boots with a jumpsuit and put on a double-down jacket to layer. Rock a pair of knee-high boots with dark leggings and a top with a fuzzy red coat for an accent.


For guys, a casual winter look with boots includes dark-wash jeans, a button-down shirt, and a jacket for warmth. We suggest pairing these shoes with khaki pants, chinos, and blazers for a dressier look.


Spring Looks


When spring rolls around, people shed some layers from their outfits and ask, "Is it still acceptable to wear boots in spring?"


The answer is yes. If you've been waiting all winter to show some legs, now is the time to do it with ankle boots from Spendless New Zealand. Ladies, rock these shoes with a denim skirt and your choice of top—a T-shirt, blouse, sweater, or a classic button-up.


Spring is about looking sweet, so another option is a flowy skirt and a blouse. A pair of shorts that show off your legs, topped with a cardigan, also look excellent with these shoes!


This season is the best time to wear white boots, which are available at Spendless New Zealand. Wear this vibrant hue this season and keep your appearance and spirits up. Achieve those airy and light spring looks with dresses. Wear these shoes with your closet's ruffled minis and flowing maxi dresses!


For guys, the trick to wearing flat boots in spring is to look for lighter-coloured ones. While jeans are a safe bet, denim is not the default option. Instead, go with lighter shades of cargo pants, chinos, and joggers.


Summer Looks—Heeled Boots


Please don't raise your eyebrows at the idea of wearing this in the summer because it's possible! Yes, it's warm and humid, but you can still go for the rock icon look that these shoes exude by letting go of the usual warm tights and leggings that add warmth during winter. You don't need additional heat this season.


You can start with boho-chic with dresses, heel-height boots, and accessories! Then, add chunky necklaces and fedoras to give it a summer feel. Spendless New Zealand offers three styles, but they are distinct from previous seasons. The goal is to show more skin, so stick to the ankle boots.


Denim, cut-offs, and other shorts can now escape the closet. Instead, pair your shoes with a bodysuit and a denim skirt. Of course, the usual summer sleeveless dresses look great with ankle boots!


For guys, rock your summer fashion with pull-on boots. Choose lighter shades with fewer linings so that they won't be warm. Wear jeans and trousers and allow them to fall over the shoes' tops. Skinny jeans and a polo or shirt also work!


Fall Looks—Ankle Boots


It's a known fashion fact that boots and colder weather are the perfect combo! This time, a classic fall outfit is jeans (preferably skinny) and knee-high boots; add a sweater, blazer, suit, or jacket! It's time to take out the taller kinds, like tall and knee-high.


Another look to cop is a pair of black boots with black stockings, a mini skirt, and a warm sweater dress—layer on a leather jacket for an element of rock chic. Knee-high boots cover most of your legs, so wearing shorter dresses with jackets would be great. Blazers are a thing nowadays, so pair them with shorts, then add a crossbody bag.


The available men's boots at Spendless New Zealand, whether pull-on or lace-up, are all perfect for fall. You'll be happy to know that our laced ankle shoes have a functional side zipper that makes wearing them a breeze! The pants and boots combo still holds for guys, but this time add knitted sweaters.


All year long, channel your inner fashionista!


Boots are not your typical all-year-round footwear, but that doesn't mean they can't be! We've shared ways to style them throughout the seasons to help you see. So go to the Spendless New Zealand online store or the nearest stockist to add these shoes to your wardrobe.


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