Ways To Wear Flats To Work!


Does your work wardrobe need a new addition that can see you through the summer? Our women’s flats might be the best pick for you! The versatility of these styles is unbelievable, and there are so many benefits to having a pair in your collection. If you’re missing a set of women’s flats this season, then you’re missing out! Not only do we have a mix of modern and classic styles, but we’ve also modelled some of them off of our favourite corporate heels. Women’s flats are excellent for any nine-to-five. If you don’t believe us yet, then you will before you’ve finished reading!


What’s appealing about wearing women’s flats to work?


We’re so glad that you asked! When it comes to comfortable shoes, there aren’t many that top women’s flats. Even the lowest, broadest, and most supportive heels can still pale in comparison to a decent set of sandals. And, if you need to guarantee that you can go the distance on your busiest and most action-packed days, then our women’s flats are the shoes to choose! If you walk to work, take public transport, or drive, you’ll do all of those things more efficiently with these on your feet. Besides, our excellent selection of styles is as well-matched to your corporate clothing as our most elegant and classic block heels or stilettos. 


Grab some of our heel-inspired women’s flats!


After all, if you want the look, then you should get comfort too! Minus the platform, our sling-back women’s flats are near-duplicates of our kitten heel styles. As such, they bring all the glamour and elegance of our best formal heels. These sophisticated designs are a ready-made match for ladies who work in offices with strict dress codes, especially if there are rules about keeping your toes covered. And, with a few variations of the women’s flats for you to choose from our shelves, you should have no trouble picking ones that you like the best. We think the best way to wear these is with your favourite culottes or work dress. 


Our woven slides are another excellent option


If your office is a little bit looser about dress codes, then our woven-texture women’s flats would work beautifully. We have versions with peep-toes or covered ones, so you have your choice of the lot. The fresh and fashionable texture creates a cool look that we know you’ll love. If you love wearing patterns and prints, or love shoes with a bohemian feel, then these women’s flats are your ideal match. Plus, taking these from work to your Friday night plans will be a breeze! Try yours with a floral or geometric print this season. 


Loafers are undeniable classics 


Do you want women’s flats with a timeless feel? Well, our loafers might be your best option. Since we have versions in beige and black, pairing them with anything in your current work collection will be no stress. Finally, for loafers with a cute and modern twist, you can try our leopard print ones! Spotty women’s flats will give your outfit a fun feel, and you can complete the look with one of our cute leopard print hair scrunchies!


Our strappy women's flats will treat you right too! 


We have a mix of slide-on, buckled, or self-tie designs. Our self-tie women’s flats are a much-loved option because of the stunning faux suede material. If you want to wear these to work, then we advise dressing them up a little with a chic skirt or summery plaid blazer. 


Which of our women’s flats do you like? 


There are plenty more women’s flats for you to look at online now, so start searching at Spendless Shoes today!